‘Gelt Drop’ planned for Morristown Chanukah celebration, Dec. 18



From Chabad of Morristown:

A first for Morristown:  A dreidle and gelt drop at the annual lighting

Morristown is getting ready to celebrate the Festival of Lights and a fun milestone for the town: Its first-ever “Gelt Drop.”

Dreidel parachutes and silver coins rain down from the sky… if you open them up, you’ll find chocolate inside.

Morristown has not gotten to experience the magic of a gelt drop, where chocolate coins are dropped to onlookers below from a fire truck or helicopter. But thanks to the Local police and fire departments, that’s changing.

Rabbi Moishe Gurevitz, of Chabad of Morristown, in partnership with the Rabbinical College of America, organized the Chanukah gelt drop near the Morristown Green.

The gelt drop symbolizes the tradition of charity giving, but anyone of any religion can enjoy it. That’s a message that Rabbi Gurevitz likes to share.

The rise in antisemitism in recent months led Gurevitz to believe that the need for such an event is growing and growing.

“What I envision for the future is a world with less ignorance,” Gurevitz explains. “The only way to create a world with less ignorance is by educating children of all faiths so that we can all get along. We can all celebrate light together.”

Rabbi Gurevitz and his wife Mushkie made Morristown their home six years ago after moving from Brooklyn. They were recruited by Rabbi Moishe Herson, dean of the Rabbinical College of America, to lead Chabad of Morristown and the Jewish Relief Agency, both divisions of the college.

The gelt drop, and Morristown’s Menorah lighting, will take place Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022, at 5 pm at the Morristown Green. It is expected to close down one lane on North Park Place for about an hour.

Go to JewishMorristown.com to learn more.