If you watch only one video today, watch this one: Assemblyman Brian Bergen sums up vote to gut NJ public records law

Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-26th Dist.) denounces revised OPRA bill as 'catastrophic...malicious' and 'an atrocity,' May 13, 2024. Screenshot by Kevin Coughlin


State Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-26th Dist.), whose district includes Morris Plains, pulled no punches Monday in Trenton, where Democrats and several Republicans voted to gut New Jersey’s public records law.

Describing the amended bill as ‘malicious…catastrophic’ and ‘an atrocity,’ the former Denville councilman said he felt embarrassed for lawmakers who supported it for political reasons. They are “pawns” and should feel disgusted, he said:


  1. Amen! Thank you, Brian Bergen, for standing with the people, not only those you represent but all in New Jersey. The revisions of OPRA only fuel the increasing lack of trust in New Jersey governance.

    The NJ Legislature, funded by the people, needs to pass legislation that serves the public interest. In this case, gutting OPRA, does just the opposite.