Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ explores a healing with Julie Genovese


forgiveTalking with Julie Genovese, author of Nothing Short of Joy, is always a wonderful experience! I asked her to chat with GVK because she has an inspirational story of healing a personal relationship that I felt everyone could benefit from.

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So often we hear these wonderful stories of people living amazing lives and moving past their pain, but, we never really hear How they do it.  And here, Julie gives us a “how to” which I found extraordinary!

 When I was struggling with the pain of my teen experiences, I wondered if I would ever heal. I kept asking why things had happened the way that they did.  Why, and then poor me. Sigh. And then one day, I got angry.  And boy, let me tell you, when that came out, it was like a monster.

Anger was the first way that I moved myself out of victimhood.  But, I had to move on from that because underneath the anger was immense sorrow.  And frankly, the sadness was more profound than the anger.  

I once told a therapist that I was afraid to feel all the sadness in my heart because it might actually kill me.  She assured me that it would not (thankfully she was right!).  Slowly, step by step, I moved through a series of feelings that lead me to the f word ~ FEAR.

Transmuting fear was not something I did alone. I had Divine guidance and help all along the way because by this time, I was deep in my spiritual practice.

One of the things that I learned on my path of healing was to see my life from a different perspective.  What had I gained from all of this? How could I use what I felt to help others?

I learned to lean on a Power greater than myself to help me reveal the Truth of my life. And I learned to not only share my truth, but to listen to others who also had Truth to share. Julie Genovese is one of these people.  So listen with joy and relish a method of healing that she is sharing with us today…



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