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St. Peter’s Advent and Christmastide Schedule 2013

st peter's advent schedule 2013



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A Henry Faulkner Cartoon
A Henry Faulkner Cartoon

Communities of worship like ours have always been gathering places in the life of towns and cities across the country and across the world, and that’s our hope:  to be a place of welcome and comfort to people who need help and to those who want to be part of what we do here.   Janet talks a lot about that in her sermons and in her writing;  members of St. Peter’s offer a lot to the community and the world, via the Soup Kitchen and our Community Ministries and many other Outreach effortsHenry Faulkner draws his terrific cartoons for us, and we’re thrilled to be supporting the arts in this and other ways.

Soup Kitchen
At the Soup Kitchen

St. Peter’s future is very bright; we have a lot of creative and interesting people doing some unique and really inspiring things here. We’re so happy to be part of the Morristown community and of’s work here.