Buckle up, Morristown: Cops join ‘Click it or Ticket’ campaign through June 4

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From Morristown police:

Seat Belt Enforcement and Education Campaign
to be Conducted Locally as Part of Nationwide
Click It or Ticket Mobilization

Law enforcement officers from the Morristown Police Department will join with police from around the country in cracking down on unbuckled motorists and passengers as part of the national “Click it or Ticket” campaign.

Beginning May 22 and running through June 4, 2023, the annual “Click It or Ticket” national mobilization utilizes high visibility seat belt checkpoints and saturation patrols, in combination with local and national publicity efforts, to reiterate the life- saving value of seat belts.

According to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, in 2022 there were 694 people in the state killed in traffic crashes. Some 40 percent of the motor vehicle occupants who died in these crashes were not wearing a seat belt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that seat belt use reduces the risk of serious injury or death in a crash by 45 percent.

In New Jersey, a key focus of this year’s Click It or Ticket campaign is to promote seat belt usage by adults in all seating positions in the vehicle, both front AND rear seats.

The front seat belt usage rate in New Jersey currently stands at 92.97 percent. However, adults riding in rear seats are buckling up at a significantly lower rate, only 48 percent, according to the most recent surveys.

During the 2022 Click it or Ticket campaign, 145 New Jersey police agencies participated in the two-week initiative. As a result of the effort, law enforcement officers issued 8,373 seat belt citations, 3,315 speeding summonses and made 278 impaired driving arrests.

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  1. @ Jeff I don’t follow…I like to tell people how to life my life? Im advocating for everyone to be responsible for themselves. The police. Other car occupants in Morristown. Anyone and everyone.

    I’m not telling anyone to do anything other than supporting the police for doing their job, to which you seem to disagree. The Morristown Police accepted $7000 from the state with the specific mandate…they need to fulfill that responsibility. Your comment suggests discretion? The Click It or Ticket program hopes to raise awareness that only 18% of back seat adults wear seatbelts, which isn’t required by the law. I’m sure that not all stopped vehicles will get tickets. If you wear a seat belt in the front seat, you wont have to worry about any “cash grab”.

  2. John Q. Public, you like people telling you what to do and how to live your life.
    You are not alone in that.

  3. @ Jeff – So police should be able to select the laws they enforce? Or should the local police accept state money and use it for another purpose of their own choosing? I hope that you are not in a position of responsibility anywhere…yours is a very telling comment.