Morristown High Colonial Corner News: Condolences, and congrats

Colonial Corner News

This week’s edition of Morristown High’s Colonial Corner News begins with condolences for the family of math teacher Michael Caruso, who passed away last week. A fundraiser is ongoing.

And there are congratulations to the Spectrum Jazz Ensemble, big winners at last week’s Morristown Onstage competition. The episode also features red carpet interviews by the Colonial Corner news team.

Video: Colonial Corner News, March 6, 2023:

The show is anchored by John Nolan III and Thomas Zakluliewicz. Highlights include:

  • GoFundMe announcement for the family of Michael Caruso
  • MHS Jazz Band wins at Morristown OnStage
  • MHS Broadcasting Red Carpet coverage
  • Coffeehouse rescheduled
  • Bands of Morristown rescheduled
  • “Teatime with Cinderella and the Prince
  • Sports with Parker Beh
  • LUNA Club Volleyball Tournament announcement
  • Project Graduation Fashion Show announcement
  • French Honor Society “A Night in Paris” Fundraiser

The package is directed by Abby Schnipp. Colonial Corner News is produced under guidance by broadcasting teacher Lance Armstrong.