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Like the historic Morristown Green itself, we aim to create a vibrant forum where you can discuss topics of the day, learn about the struggles and successes of your neighbors, and find the information you need.

Morristown Green intern Carly Cannavina on the beat, July 4, 2018. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
Morristown Green intern Carly Cannavina covers demonstration in 2018. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Since 2007, MorristownGreen.com has provided in-depth reporting about local issues, coverage of breaking news and timely information about the best arts and entertainment Greater Morristown has to offer.

These are the stories that connect us as a community, and we believe they should be free for everyone.

To do that, we depend on you.

Morristown Green correspondent Jeff Sovelove covers Morristown March for Our Lives, March 24, 2018. Photo by Kevin Coughlin
MG correspondent Jeff Sovelove covers 2018 March for Our Lives. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Your contribution will help us continue to report on crime and government, produce videos of great local arts events and podcasts with intriguing local personalities, and deliver everything from reader commentaries and local history to fun things to do this weekend.

Your support also helps us mentor aspiring journalists, for the future of local news.

If you already contribute to Morristown Green, thank you.

If you have been wanting to do so, now is the time.


MG correspondent Marion Filler, January 2022. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

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Thanks for reading Morristown Green–and thank you for supporting local journalism.



MG Editor Kevin Coughlin on the Green in 2015. Photo by Jeff Sovelove.
MG correspondents Lexi Algazy and Hannah Williams, January 2022. Photo by Kevin Coughlin






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  1. Thank you, Linda. On behalf of our readers, thank you for your many insightful columns on Morristown Green.

  2. Don’t know what I’d do without your coverage and fair reporting about Morristown and its neighbors. Thank you, Kevin!

  3. Kevin, what a solid description of what you do and what MorristownGreen.com means to our community. In fact, you don’t say enough! You are essential!!! Helping to support you is both an opportunity and a privilege.