Sherrill wins third term; Morris GOP retains lock on county commission

Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11th Dist.) Source: The candidate's campaign.


Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11th Dist.) won a third term on Tuesday, besting former Passaic County Assistant Prosecutor Paul DeGroot with almost 58 percent of the vote.

Early Wednesday, the Associated Press reported 146,608 votes for Sherrill and 104,745 votes, or 41 percent, for the Republican challenger.

“We’ve still got our democracy, and we can still make a difference,” Sherrill, a former federal prosecutor and Navy helicopter pilot, told supporters in her victory speech.

In District 7, Republican Thomas Kean Jr. defeated Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski with 52 percent of the vote.

In other Morris County races, Sheriff James Gannon, a Republican, won a third term without opposition.

And Republicans retained their grip on the county commission. Christine Myers and incumbents Tom Mastrangelo and Doug Cabana placed more than 20,000 votes between themselves and Democrats Judith Hernandez, Thomas T.C. McCourt and Baramdai “Alicia” Sharma.

Morris County’s voter turnout was almost 46 percent.

Mail ballots postmarked on Election Day may arrive by Nov. 14, according to Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi.  She has until Nov. 21, 2022, to certify results in local and county races.


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  1. MovingfromNJtoDFW, I am no fan of the democrats, believe me. But is downtown’s revitalization due to politics, or is it business and government collaborating? Nothing for kids? Examples, please. What do they need that they aren’t getting? Either way, the core of a regional hub was dying on the vine. It needed this.

    Ever been to Denver? The massive downtown revitalization supercharged the city. The same as Morristown, but on a different scale, of course.

  2. @Penny Jones , I am writing this response from the amazing state of Texas now. Thought I would relocate early. My Family and I are absolutely loving living in a state free from pepole like Sherill. Texas is a place with a great/growing economy, normal politicians and laws and most importantly DFW has a higher quality of life unlike Morris County/Morristown. The area actually has stuff for my kids to do and not exclusively filled with bars/night clubs and overpriced restaurants. The leadership here makes sure the area is filled with stuff not just for adults but activities also for families. The current Democrats of Morristown have turned my families hometown for over 60 years into a place like Hoboken. Just a place for adults with bars and almost nothing for families. Morristown and Sherill is thankfully out of my life.

  3. @Chris and @Penny Jones. Morris County and especially Morristown is becoming more liberal because of all these new yorkers moving here. Maybe you both are apart of this new wave of out of staters that are coming here and outpricing us locals that have been here forever and have to go to other communities that have reasonable price restaurants and have stuff for families to do. At least DFW, Houston and San Antonio have been able to balance a good downtown. I officially have relocated my family to DFW early and we are all so happy to be here and most importantly my kids are enjoying a place that has so much for them to do and not filled with only stuff for adults only.

  4. Enough Excuses, it is NOT ok to have the highest inflation in forty years. Europe and Great Britain have higher inflation rates than the US. They must really be mad at the Dems. We had the highest gas prices since George Bush was president. The price started spiking in March of 2022. I wonder what world event occurred in February! The gas prices started to moderate when the Dems tapped the SPR. Crime in every state is lower today than in 1980. We are NOT in a recession ..Yet. Democrats and Republicans both own the immigration fiasco. Did any of the republicans offer any solutions to these problems? Stop watching Pravda for your information What is really, really pathetic is that the SCOTUS doesn’t understand the constitution. It says militia, Corporations are not people, and minorities and women are afforded the same equal rights as white males.

  5. Amazing to me that there are people out there who have fallen for the new Dem terminology “women’s reproductive rights” and “women’s healthcare” to refer to abortion and that they put that issue above all else in their voting decisions. Yes – it is a-ok to have the highest inflation in 40 years, highest gas prices, a crisis at the border, skyrocketing crime, drug/fentenyl crisis, economic recession, etc, etc. AS LONG as unfettered access to killing a fetus up until the day of birth continues to be allowed in any and all states!!!!! Really really pathetic.

  6. PennyJones, thanks for catching that. It will be our little secret, I promise. On another note, are some people only 92% in favor of women’s rights? I’m asking for a friend of a friend.

  7. @ Moving…if you take a close look at the way the towns in Morris County voted you’d notice that they also voted for Sherill. So I guess it’s not just the Essex County people who feel like she properly represents them.

  8. OOPS! I neglected to type quotation marks after”…DFW,” in my response to the letter composed by “MovingfromNJtoDFW.” Please don’t notify any of my college instructors about this grievous error.

  9. I, unlike “MovingfromNJtoDFW, am delighted that Mikie Sherrill has been re-elected to the U.S.
    Congress. Because I am a woman who is 100% in favor of women’s rights regarding reproduction, there is NO way I could have voted for Mr. DeGroot, or for pretty much any other member of the Republican Party, which has become the party of obstruction. And if Ms. Sherrill is a Nancy Pelosi puppet, so be it – Nancy does seem to get positive things done for those who inhabit this country. To “Movingfrom” – Have a delightful time in the State of Texas, which of late appears to have descended into Dark Ages in so many ways.

  10. Essex County is now controlling this congressional seat since they got more of their towns into this district with the redistricting and even with the 2012 redistricting. They/the NJ-11 for Change group installed Sherrill into this seat back in 2018, and she has only done stuff to benefit the corrupt Essex County Politicians/executive . Morris County Residents don’t have a seat at the table anymore, and from talking with people I know who live on the other side of the Passaic River. They aren’t being heard either. Weber, Degroot & Becchi should have won. Since he is someone who actually has served NJ, and worked as a Passaic County Law enforcement official, considering they got Patterson and Passaic in that county, he would have been a great person to send to DC and would have made NJ and America safer. Sherill is a Pelosi Puppet. Thankfully I am moving to TX in 2 months from NJ. So happy Sherill won’t “representing” me in congress anymore.