‘Social Media vs. Self-Confidence’: Expert talk for Morris School District parents, students, May 24 invited



Parents and students from Greater Morristown are invited to a 6:30 pm talk on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, in the Morristown High School auditorium.

From the Morris Educational Foundation:

Parents and students are invited to attend a special presentation on Social Media vs. Self-Confidence. 

Social media is causing young people to develop body image issues, self-esteem issues, and very unhealthy habits in search of social media validation. Guest speaker Duncan Kirkwood will destroy those self-confidence threats one by one in this funny, exciting and honest presentation.

Join us on Tuesday, May 24, at Morristown High School for an interactive talk where Duncan will help parents and students understand that most social media is altered and that their value is not correlated to how many likes they get.

Register here.

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  1. This would definitely be a worthwhile presentation to attend.

    I’m surprised the unvaccinated aren’t being told they cannot attend.