Morris Township virtual ‘vision workshop’ to discuss Madison Avenue corridor, April 28

Morris Township Municipal Building. Photo:
Morris Township Municipal Building. Photo:


From Morris Township:

Vision Plan Virtual Public Workshop!


The Township of Morris Economic Development Advisory Committee (“EDAC”) invites you to participate in a virtual public workshop.

EDAC is undertaking a Vision Plan for the Madison Avenue Corridor (“The Corridor”) between the Normandy Parkway and Canfield Road /Convent Road intersections.

Our goal is to create a community supported vision and identify strategies to guide the future of the Corridor. We invite all interested residents, business owners, and stakeholders to attend the virtual public meeting and lend their voices and share their ideas for the future of the Corridor.

This kickoff workshop will be one of several public outreach forums through which we hope to engage the community at various stages of the Vision Plan process.

We need your help to ensure the vision for the Corridor is representative of all of you!

What is the Vision Plan?

The visioning process seeks to give our community a voice in shaping the kinds of development proposals for the Corridor which may be presented for consideration in the future.

This will be a forward-looking collaborative process and developed with input from property owners, Township residents and development professionals. The goal is to provide input so that the Township’s and resident’s interests and vision for this important segment of our Township are considered in any future projects in the Corridor.

The end result will be a plan that reflects the interests and needs of the community.

When: Thursday, April 28, 2022, 7:00-8:30 PM, ON ZOOM

Please provide us with your information here (including email), by April 27th, 11 PM. April 28th you will receive an email from the Township with the Vision Plan Public Workshop Zoom Information!

Please tell your friends to do the same!

Can’t make it to the public meeting on Thursday, April 28th? We still want your input! Please fill out a 5-minute survey online at:


  1. Morristown charities and religious orgs service more individuals in the Township than the town? Please show your work.

  2. Nothing but coffee in my cup, which is why I can freely offer an opinion not tainted by what others may think or say. I do admit that after living in both Morris Township and Morris Plains, that I have a definite bias towards Morristown. It serves as a non-profit center for all those religious organizations and charities serving more Township than Town residents but with their the expense of those services provided by only the Morristown taxpayers.

  3. Well Margret, I find it interesting that Morristown never seems to be interested in the opinions of Morris Township residents, when Morristown’s cash in a coffee cup leadership awards PILOTS to connected developers that ultimately impacts the wallets of Morris Township tax payers. Margret seems to have a know it all opinion on everything, especially about development. What’s in her coffee cup?

  4. Both comments, by Mrs. Brady and “Tired of it all,” reflect an obvious point which the leadership of Morristown, Morris Township, and Morris Plains, particularly, not to mention Morris County, fail to acknowledge, and that is that municipalities within the county are connected in ways that provide opportunities that are too often wasted, and the county does little to advance the cooperation that is essential to improve the quality of life for all. It’s a constant theme of “missed opportunities” and, often, as a result, antagonistic relationships. There are no “winners” when it comes to flawed governance, flawed as often from acts of omission as well as those of commission. It’s sad, too, since we have elected leaders who have the capacity; evidently, they simply lack the will, or, perhaps it is, the courage needed for taking risks.

  5. Margret, you are on to something. It might be similar to how Morristown does not care about Morris Township’s opinion on the many PILOTs that they have granted even though it has a heavy effect on Morris Township through the shared school district which is “starved” of tax revenues from the affected parcel while Morristown is paid back through the PILOT’s side deal/payments.
    It is also similar to the many other instances of towns allowing projects at their outskirts which have significant effects on neighboring towns.

  6. Find it interesting that the Township only seems to be interested in the opinions of Township residents when one side of this corridor is in Morristown and they are also impacted by how it is developed.