Morris County German language school will resume in-person classes, Sept. 11

Jutta Estevez has been named vice principal of the German Language School of Morris County.


From the German Language School of Morris County:

New Vice Principal Joins German Language School of Morris County 
In-Person Classes Set to Begin Sept. 11, 2021


Morristown, NJ – The Board of Trustees of the non-profit German Language School of Morris County in Morristown welcomes German teacher Jutta Estevez as its new Vice Principal, to support more than 200 students who take German language classes weekly.
A native of Germany and teacher for more than 30 years, Ms. Estevez has resided in New Jersey since 2006, and taught at the Morristown school for a decade.
“We are excited to have Jutta take on the role of Vice Principal, particularly as we transition back to in-person learning this month after more than a year of virtual/online classes,” notes Principal Michaela Greco.
“We now also have the opportunity to offer select classes with a remote/hybrid model that we developed during the pandemic.”
Since 1968, the German Language School of Morris County has taught the language and culture of the German-speaking nations to thousands of students and is an accredited program of the Federal Republic of Germany’s Foreign Schools Abroad Program.
Small group classes are open to all students regardless of language proficiency, beginning with Mom & Me Musik-Class, and Pre-K to 12th Grade classes, with options for both native speakers and foreign language learners.
Adult classes, tutoring and standardized test prep are also available upon request. Learn more about the program here;  register here, and join the Parents Meeting on Sept. 9 at 7:00 pm.
About the German Language School of Morris County (GLSMC)
The GLSMC develops students’ proficiency in the German language, introduces the cultural heritage of German-speaking countries, their modern achievements and contributions to the U.S.A., and prepares students for the 21st century global economy. Visit us online at for more information about open enrollment and to register for classes. Stay connected:
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