Candidate filings around Greater Morristown: Township duel; Morristown mystery

VOTE: Woman shares her message at a 2015 march in Morristown.


Officials for Morris County, Morris Township and Morris Plains reported who filed on Monday to run in New Jersey’s June 8, 2021.

So what’s up with Morristown?

Asserting “we have a lot of paperwork to sort through,” Morristown town Clerk Margot Kaye said she was not ready to release names on Monday.

“Verification of petitions is taking some time,” she said via email.

Previously, Mayor Tim Dougherty announced plans to seek a fourth term, on a Democratic council ticket with incumbents Toshiba Foster and David Silva and newcomer Nathan UmbriacEsperanza Porras-Field announced a mayoral challenge in the primary.

In neighboring Morris Township, political warfare will skip the primaries and proceed to the general election, where Deputy Mayor Mark Gyorfy and Tara Olivo-Moore will try to preserve the governing body’s Democratic majority against GOP contenders Sandra Garcia and Joseph Calvanelli. Township committee terms are three years.

Morristown Democratic Chairman Aaron Oliver and Councilwoman Sandi Mayer at RBG vigil in Morristown, Sept. 20, 2020. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

A pair of three-year council seats will be on the November ballot in Morris Plains, and Republican incumbents Dennis Wagner and Cathie Kelly are the favorites to keep them. No other Republicans or Democrats filed campaign petitions.

The Morris County commissioners (formerly “freeholders”) race will pit incumbent Republicans Deborah Smith, John Krickus and Stephen Shaw against Democrats Aaron A.J. Oliver, Morristown’s party chairman; Thomas T.C. McCourt of Dover and Dina Mikulka of Mine Hill.

Terms for the county positions also are three years.


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