Coming soon to a Morristown street near you: Paving.

road paving, traffic signs


It’s time for milling in paving in Morristown. Here is the schedule for the coming week.

From the Town of Morristown:

Monday, Sept. 21, 2020

Cherry Street – Milling
Plum Street- Milling
Miller Street – Milling
Clinton Place / Street- Milling
Prospect Street – Milling

Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020

Clinton Pl/ Street – Milling
Prospect Street – Milling
Cory Road (at 202) – Milling
Harding Road/Terrace – Paving
Kary Way – Paving
Erskine Drive- Paving
Maxwell Court – Paving

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2020

Community Place – Paving
Entrance Avenue (upper)- Paving
Chestnut Street- Paving

Thursday, Sept. 24, 2020

Chestnut Street – Paving
Cherry Street – Paving
Plum Street – Paving
Miller Street – Paving

Friday, Sept. 25, 2020

Miller Street – Paving
Clinton Place/ Street – Paving
Prospect Street – Paving
Cory Road (at 202) – Paving

Questions should be directed to Asst. Municipal Engineer Ralph Panei at 973-644-4367.

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