Meet Momo the Calendar Dog, the pride of Morris Township canines

Debi and Lee Goldberg of Morris Township with Momo the Wonder Dog. Photo by Nicole Asher


By Tyler Barth

Momo the Wonder Dog has become Momo the Calendar Dog.

Momo is a 4-year-old Poodle-Thai Ridgeback mix with an incredible story and the cutest little eyes. Those eyes clearly won over the judges at WDHA 105.5 FM, where Momo is one of 12 dogs that will be featured in the station’s Ultimate Rock Dog Calendar in 2021.

Originally from Thailand, Momo has made news before.

Momo the Calendar Dog. Photo courtesy of Lee Goldberg

Within an hour of entering his new home with the Goldbergs in Morris Township last November, he escaped through an open door.

For 12 long days Momo wandered the area; he was seen crossing Columbia Turnpike several times. Debi and Lee Goldberg believe the pooch survived on a diet of acorns.

It was a trying ordeal for the Goldbergs, too. They had been excited to adopt Momo after seeing him posted on PetFinder by the volunteer pet rescue service Fur Real NYC. The Goldbergs’ two previous dogs had passed away not long before.

“He was so freaked out,” Debi said of Momo. “Everything is different. I don’t think he’d ever seen an oak tree. The language is different, we’re different. I should have learned more about him before bringing him home.”

Lee, a Township zoning board member, hadn’t even had a chance to meet Momo yet, as he was out of town.

Momo, captured in a humane trap 12 days after skipping out on his new owners, the Goldbergs of Morris Township, in November 2019. Photo courtesy of the Goldbergs.

The couple enlisted Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery, a Blairstown nonprofit, which captured Momo on the Honeywell property in Morris Township.

“We left the trap set and monitored 24/7 and re-baited daily. I knew Momo would be back, it was just a matter of when. And we would be ready for him when he made his appearance,” said Nicole Asher, the organization’s founder.

Eventually, flavored liquid smoke lured Momo into the spring-loaded cage.

The Goldbergs thanked Asher, local police, and neighbors for Momo’s safe return, and emphasized that there are resources to help the public when a dog gets loose.

As for the contest, Momo was chosen from a pool of 170 dogs to be part of WDHA’s  annual calendar. His month hasn’t been chosen yet, but the Goldbergs are hoping for November.

MOST WANTED: Poster for Momo after the pooch flew the coop in November 2019. Photo courtesy of Lee Goldberg.

Usually, it’s an in-person (and in-canine) contest. Because of the pandemic, however, it’s all been done virtually. Debi said she heard about it on Facebook and entered on a whim, and Momo was the last of the 12 dogs chosen.

The Goldbergs are hoping to amass enough votes for Momo to be on the cover. That vote  will be conducted on the radio station’s website, and the winner will be chosen this Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020.

TIPS FOR FINDING A LOST DOG, from Buddha Dog Rescue and Recovery:

If you spot a dog that has been loose for an extended period of time, follow these steps.

  • Do not chase it. The dog likely is scared, and almost certainly can outrun you.
  • Contact the owner and authorities with your location, time, where the dog went, and what it was doing.

If your dog has gotten loose for an extended period of time, follow these steps.

  • Do not chase the dog.
  • Contact a dog rescue service and authorities.
  • Put up posters. If you can, set up a hotline for tips.
  • Never give up hope!

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