Grow It Green Morristown invites kids to visit the farm–via video

Grow It Green Morristown educator Tina Miller hosts a virtual tour of the Urban Farm.
By Tyler Barth

It’s time to head back to the farm – a little differently, though.

Grow It Green Morristown’s Urban Farm, a frequent stop for elementary school children during the spring, is one of many locations to go virtual in the pandemic.

Erected about 10 years ago on an old playground owned by the Morris School District at 31 Hazel St., the farm has educated hundreds of  kindergarteners and 1st- and 2nd graders.

In place of the usual in-person tours, farm educators Tina Miller and Shaun Ananko filmed a 22-minute walk-through of the property’s fields and high tunnels, with special attention on plants: Their parts, what parts we eat, and more:

Grow It Green Morristown’s virtual field trip to the Urban Farm:

More videos are coming, according to Miller.

Farmer Shaun donated 30 pounds of spinach, radishes and arugula last week to the Interfaith Food Pantry to help feed Morristown’s less fortunate.

The Urban Farm donated close to 7000 pounds last year to nourish.nj, The Garden State Good Food Network, and Table of Hope.

Despite the coronavirus, the farm still is looking for volunteers.

Grow It Green Morristown, which operates the Winter Farmer’s Market at the Alexander Hamilton School, needs volunteers to cut weeds and grasses, and to prepare, paint and protect benches.


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