Morristown Newcomers & Neighbors Club pitches in during pandemic

The Morristown Newcomers & Neighbors Club, pictured in 2018. From left: Dee Wilson (Co-Chair Charitable Contributions), Mary Beth Cooney (Executive Director, Creature Comfort Pet Therapy), Lynn Livingston and Smokey (the dog!) (both volunteers at Creature Comfort), Arleen Lipsman (Co-Chair Charitable Contributions).


By Sophia Mazurowski

The generosity of Morristowners has been proven again and again during the coronavirus crisis. Our diverse community has been brought together like never before in the last 60 days. Every group and every individual in Morristown seems to be extending a helping hand in one way or another.

The Newcomers & Neighbors Club of Morristown is a social club that has redirected its savings towards charity and aid during a time of worldwide unrest and isolation, focusing on local non-profit organizations and underrepresented groups affected by the pandemic.

Once known as the Welcome Wagon of Morristown, these ladies bring together newcomers and longtime residents of the community through social, charitable, and educational activities.

Every year they contribute to our community by volunteering to cook with Homeless Solutions Inc., donating portions of club funding to local aid organizations, as well as attending and promoting local charitable events.

According to Arleen Lipsman, co-chair of charitable gifts of the Morristown Newcomers, “supporting our local community is part of the original mission of this group,” a mission which members are undertaking seriously and swiftly.

The Jersey Battered Women’s Service and the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund each received a generous donation.

“Our decision to select JBWS was because they are not only a highly regarded and reputable local nonprofit, but also because they provide safety, support and solutions for abused women. Sadly, in this time of crisis, many people are seriously stressed, which often results in abusive behavior within the home environment,” explained Lipsman.

As for supporting the NJPRF, Lipsman noted:

“All the local nonprofit organizations have a funding shortage and need operating funds to support their primary mission. This Fund will be divided among the worthy nonprofits in our area, and resides under the Community Foundation of New Jersey, which supports many of our local organizations and is very familiar with their operations and management. We can feel comfortable that the right choices will be made as to who the recipients will be.”

The club also has donated to the Rotary program Hunger 1.0, and to nourish.NJ and the Interfaith Food Pantry.

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