The Morristown Green podcast, Episode One: Hope and Healing

The Rev. Janet Broderick and the Rev. Robert Trache, former and present rectors of St. Peter's in Morristown, both had close calls with COVID-19. Photos by Kevin Coughlin


One church. Two rectors with COVID-19.

The Rev. Robert Trache, interim rector of St. Peter’s in Morristown, December 2019. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

This Easter season tested the Rev. Robert Trache, interim rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown, and his predecessor, the Rev. Janet Broderick, in ways they could not have imagined when they attended a conference in February.

The Rev. Janet Broderick, at her farewell service in Morristown, June 2019. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Father Bob faced the coronavirus in lonely isolation. Janet’s ordeal made headlines; actor Matthew Broderick is her brother.

It was a close call for both ministers. In this conversation, they reveal just how close, how that felt…and how their faith stacked up against a pandemic.

Welcome to Episode One of The Morristown Green Podcast:


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St. Peter’s, Morristown, Saturday, April 4, 2020. Photo by Linda Stamato

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  1. Wonderful podcast. Thank you for sharing the entire conversation you had with Reverend Broderick. It was beautiful.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful note, Liza. It’s wonderful that Father Bob is well again. I hope you, too, are back on your feet–literally! Looking forward to greeting you both in person when things settle down. (We share a former hometown in common, as it turns out!) Stay safe, Kevin

  3. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Kevin!! I’m the lucky one (The Rev’d Eliza R. Ragsdale @Revlizaragsdale) happily married to The Rev’d Bob Trache, Interim Rector at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. I’ve just listened to your fabulous PodCast. Then realized that I must share it on my Facebook page and send directly to our friends and family from Jerusalem to all points in between. Kevin, your voice is so compassionate and genuine. Bob shared that you were an “amazingly articulate and warm soul, who made him feel loved, cared for, and welcomed in Morristown, NJ.” It was so lovely to hear Bob’s voice, as many friends and family have shared the same feeling from England to SC, to Virginia, to NC, to California, London, Greece, JERUSALEM, to BOSTON to MAINE. The parishioners and Staff of St. Peter’s were LIVING SAINTS, to Bob (and to me) especially, the Wardens, and their spouses, the Vestry, the Search Committee, as they left food on the porch for Bob and called and texted me in FLORIDA. Endless thanks to them(Dee, Mario, Karen & Jeff, Alice & Bob, Deb, Lucille, Mary, Kay& Frank, Bob, Kathleen & Alan, Jennifer & John, Betsy, Josh& Lori, Dan, Patty, Hope & Bruce, Nerissa & Ken, Matthew & Tara, Anne & John, Kevin & Stephen, Colin, Mary Ruth, Bob, MORRISTOWN Hospital and the NJ HEALTH DEPT.) and for everyone’s prayers! Living Saints can be found at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church because the Parishioners & Choir & Staff proved that to be true, by the way they cared for Bob Trache, during his Coronavirus illness. They all became The Living Gospel of Jesus, high- lighted by their endless acts of kindness. And, to The Rt. Rev’d Carlye Hughes, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark and Canon Margo Peckham- Clark our genuine and heart- felt thanks for their immediate pastoral care to both Bob and to me. I actually have mastered a new way of “ cooking” by using Door Dash and Chef Freddy’s Table “catered” our April 4th wedding anniversary (the day Bob Trache was released from quarantine) and Easter lunch for Bob, and Jockey Hollow for my birthday. Bob and I are supporting small businesses in Morristown, the best that we can by ordering from everyone of the fabulous restaurants. I’m still in Fl and will return ASAP, after I can finish my appointments. Kevin, we would love to know you better, when the coast is clear. And yes, Josh Stafford makes our heart sing through his music, as I shared with him during our first introduction, “ Josh, your music is a vocation and not a profession, as your playing has moved my soul and heart to tears of joy.” Be well, Kevin and we shall meet soon. Thank you, again for this Podcast. I wish you every success. And know that St. Peter’s continues to have it’s arms around you. Fondly, Liza (The Rev’d Eliza R. Ragsdale)