Video: Bells of Hope, Healing, Queen and a happy squirrel, in Morristown

These bells are among the 49 that make up the 18 tons of music makers in the St. Peter's carillon. Sharon Sheridan photo.


Talk about heavy metal!

Here is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody like you’ve never heard it before–played on a carillon of 49 bells weighing 18 tons.

Heavy metal: Eighteen tons of Queen, from the belfry of St. Peter’s:

This inspired performance by Josh Stafford, music director at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, was the finale of Tuesday’s debut of Bells of Hope and Healing.

Josh Stafford, winner of the 2016 Longwood Gardens International Organ Competition.

Four local churches will be ringing their bells at 1 pm each day to brighten our lot during the coronavirus pandemic.

Stafford set the bar high– several stories high, actually.

After a hymn or two, selections from The Sound of Music, and Over the Rainbow, the award-winning organist launched into Queen’s greatest hit.

He’s nuts about Freddie. Graphic by Kevin Crawford for

Make sure to check out the furry Freddie Mercury  fan keeping the beat around the 3:30 mark in the video.

This occasion also was noteworthy because of another sound seldom heard lately– traffic.

Usually a cacophony of belching trucks and screaming sirens, downtown Morristown has been ghostly quiet for these last few weeks. But several vehicles managed to compete with the booming bronze bells of St. Peter’s.

Which is kind of hopeful, actually.


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