Life goes on…and so does crime. Morris Township investigating car burglaries

Surveillance video of suspected car burglar in Morris Township, March 2020. Photo courtesy of Morris Township police.


From Morris Township Police Chief Mark DiCarlo:

Morris Township Police are investigating Thefts from motor vehicles in the areas of Victoria Lane, Springbrook Road and Norwood Court.

On Sunday, March 15th, 2020, during the early morning hours, several residents woke up to find that their vehicles had been entered and items were stolen. This only happened to the vehicles that were left unlocked.

This agency recovered video of the suspects…from the video you can see how quickly the suspects walk away from a LOCKED vehicle.

Video courtesy of Morris Township police:

Security image of suspected burglar in Morris Township, March 2020. Courtesy of Morris Township police.

Please help us and please help yourselves by removing valuables, your keys and key fobs and then remember to LOCK UP your vehicles.

Anyone with information is requested to contact the Morris Township Police Department at 973-539-0777 or the Morris Township Detective Bureau at 973-326-7480

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