Hungry? Where to get takeout / delivery in Morristown, Pandemic Week One

J&K Steakhouse is ready to deliver, March 18, 2020. Photo by Kevin Coughlin


If you’ve ever enjoyed a great brunch, lunch or dinner in Morristown, now’s the time to say thank you.

Local cafés, delicatessens and restaurants need your business desperately right now. Eat-in dining was shut down statewide this week to “flatten the curve” of the spreading coronavirus.

But for now, at least, takeout and delivery remain. And street parking in Morristown is free during the pandemic.

As of March 18, 2020, the establishments below are ready to serve you. The alphabetical list is courtesy of Dave Walters, owner of SmartWorld Coffee. He’s brainstorming with fellow business owners and the Morristown Partnership, and welcomes survival suggestions. The list is likely to change; we’ll do our best to keep you updated.

Bon appétit!

Amanti Vino, curbside pickup
Asahi Sushi, curbside pickup
Bareburger, takeout, noon-8 pm
Cambridge Wines, 11 am-7 pm, free delivery
Chef Fredy’s Table, curbside pickup, delivery 4 pm-8 pm
Cluck U Chicken, curbside takeout
Cottage II, 11 am – 8 pm, takeout and delivery
Dublin Pub, curbside takeout
Dunkin Donuts, grab and go, 6 am- 7 pm
End of Elm, takeout
Enjou Chocolat, curbside pickup, 10 am- 3 pm
Fatty’s, curbside take out and delivery until 3am
Fiamma, curbside pickup, delivery
Godfather Pizzeria, curbside pickup, delivery
Green Point Juicery, curbside pickup
Guerriero’s, curbside takeout
La Campagna, curbside takeout
Longfellow’s Sandwich Deli, open
Macho Nacho, curbside takeout
Mangiano Pizza, pickup, free delivery
Mehndi and Ming II, takeout, no-contact delivery via several services.
Minuteman Smokehouse & Grill, curbside takeout, delivery
Office Tavern, takeout and mobile delivery orders
Pascarella Bros., curbside pickup and Door Dash delivery
Pierogie House, takeout
Playa Bowls, curbside takeout
Pomodoro’s Ristorante, curbside takeout, delivery
Portofino’s Restaurant, curbside pickup
Pure Pita, curbside pickup, delivery
Roots Steakhouse, curbside takeout
Salad House, curbside takeout
Sandi’s Soul Food Restaurant, pickup
Shoprite, 7 am-9 pm
SmartWorld Coffee, grab and go
Starbucks, grab and go
Stephanie’s Deli, curbside takeout
Stirling Tavern, curbside takeout
Sushi Lounge, opens 11:30 am takeout, delivery
Swiss Chalet, delivery 9 am-1 pm Sunday
Tashmoo, noon- 8 pm takeout
The Committed Pig, takeout and mobile delivery orders
Tito’s Burritos, curbside pickup, delivery
Urban Table, curbside takeout
Verilli’s Bakery, delivery


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  1. This is an old story (maybe time for a re-up, as sadly some of these restaurants have not survived), but wanted to add a quick note.

    Had a hankering for something different for our weekly take-out meal, and checked in on Pieorogis House (just across the street from the train station). They are open and doing curbside pickup and delivery (free as of now I was told). 973-432-8270.

    It was delicious – I had the Polish Platter – 3 pierogis (your choice), stuffed cabbage, and kielbasa. It was all good, but their kielbasa was particularly great (provided my own Weber’s horseradish mustard).

    So they are open, doing OK, and making great food.

  2. Regretfully, both Hunan Wok takeout restaurants are not open!
    But, we ordered delish Chinese food from Top’s China — and they delivered – thank you, we loved all of our traditional favorites from you!
    Located in: Midtown Shopping Center
    Address: 74 Morris St, Morristown, NJ 07960
    Or Call: (973) 889-8819

  3. Hey Jeff,

    This is a hyperlocal website, therefore the readers are likely already familiar with the restaurants listed
    and don’t require the address. And if they do, they can Google it just like you did, you ungrateful idiot!

    (I know Kevin doesn’t usually like personal insults on the comments, but hopefully he’ll make an exception for this one!)

  4. Hi we are open at Morris Pizzeria for takeout and delivery Monday- Thursday 11-9. Friday-Saturday 11-10. Sunday 11-8. 973-267-4375. Thank you and we hope everyone is staying safe!

  5. I will do Kevin’s job for him – no charge, and no thanks needed!
    Folks, I will finish the list tomorrow. I even included some phone numbers:
    Amanti Vino, 60a South Street
    Asahi Sushi, 65 Morris Street, 973-631-8585
    Bareburger, 11 South Street, 973-683-2273
    Cambridge Wines, 10 Lafayette Avenue, 973-984-9463
    Chef Freddy’s Table, 78 Speedwell Avenue
    Cottage II, 127 South Street 973-538-5601
    Dublin Pub, 4 Pine Street
    Dunkin Donuts, 59-61 Morris Street, 401 Speedwell Avenue, 30 Lafayette Avenue
    End of Elm, 140 Morris Street
    Enjou Chocolate, 8 Dehart Street97
    Fattys, 46 Morris Street, 973-998-7168
    Fiama, 47 South Park Place
    Godfather’s Pizza, 11 Lafayette Avenue
    Green Point Juicery, 28 Speedwell Avenue
    Guerriero’s, 162 South Street
    La Campagna, 5 Elm Street
    Longfellow’s Sandwich Deli, 160 Speedwell Avenue
    Macho Nacho, 76 Morris Street
    Mangiano Pizza, 102 E. Hanover Ave. Hanover
    Mehndi and Ming II, 3 Speedwell Avenue
    Minuteman Smokehouse & Grill,
    Office Tavern, 3 South Street
    Pascarella Bros. 61 South Street
    Pierogie House, 145 Morris Street
    Play Bowls, 44 Speedwell Avenue
    Pomodoro’s Ristorante, 125 Morris Street
    Portofino’s, 29 Mills Street

  6. This is great. Was hoping someone would do this.

    Nice work Dave. See you tomorrow for an x-large iced R&M

  7. Tell you what, Jeff. You seem to have some time on your hands. There are 45 restaurants on that list. Look up their addresses and send ’em over. Alphabetical order. Thanks.

  8. @ Shannon. Your comment is an embarrassment. Clearly coming from a never once or ever business owner who thinks every owner of businesses are some filthy rich snobs. Most businesses owners care greatly about their employees and about serving a quality product. People who don’t run businesses will never understand what it takes. Truly ignorant comment.

  9. @Shannon Bullock

    The restaurants need to pay their rent to survive. The kitchen staff still have jobs as long as delivery/takeout survives.

    They will not be lining pockets. Simply hoping to stay open long enough till they can fully open and employ more staff again.

    We should support these restaurants as much as possible or they will close and never open again.

  10. So out of touch with reality, many residents work in the restaurant industry and live in town. And now they don’t have jobs, but let’s keep putting money in to the owners pocket.