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Stay tuned for the Podcast!

We are thrilled to announce that Morristown Green has been named a 2020 recipient of a “Grow + Strengthen” grant by the Center for Cooperative Media at Montclair State University.

It’s seed money to help us test the viability of podcasting at the hyperlocal level.

Morristown Green is among six publications across the state to receive $4,000 micro-grants. Grow + Strengthen is geared towards “supporting projects and experiments focused on bringing in more money for local news publishers in New Jersey,” explains Joe Amditis, associate director of the Center for Cooperative Media.

The grants include business coaching and membership in LION Publishers, an association of independent news organizations.

Our thanks to the Center, and congratulations to fellow recipients New Brunswick Today, NJ Pen, CivicStory, Montclair Local and The Nubian News. You can read more about their projects here.

At Morristown Green, we love podcasts. They reveal personalities in ways that go beyond printed interviews. Podcasts let you eavesdrop on conversations, explore nuances, discover the flip side.

They can surprise and entertain, infuriate and illuminate. A playlist of podcasts can melt the miles of a long commute.

Over the years, we’ve recorded a few one-offs: Todd Rundgren, Alice Cooper, among other legendary performers passing through Morristown; and local favorites including Brynn Stanley, Red Molly and Jim Hicks, who summoned thunder from the 4,000-pipe Austin organ at the Presbyterian Church for a quarter-century.

The possibilities are limitless. Greater Morristown is a diverse stew of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, scholars, crusaders, people of faith, legal experts and nonprofits.

Our challenge is to make this fly on a regular basis. It’s no secret that the business of news is precarious. Outlets large and small are scrambling to sustain themselves through seismic economic shifts, as demands for news coverage grow ever greater.

Can podcasts engage listeners and enhance the bottom line?

With your help, we hope to find answers.

Please let us know:

  • What do you like / dislike about podcasts?
  • Where/ when do you listen to podcasts?
  • What length hits your “sweet spot” for a podcast?
  • What topics / people you would like to hear featured in the MG Podcast?

If you own a local business or organization, Morristown Green is offering a golden opportunity for you to become a founding sponsor. Advertising on a community podcast is an intimate and powerful way to connect your brand with potential customers who live or work nearby.

Drop us a line here. First, we’ll listen. Then, let’s talk.

If you’ve read this far… you clearly value your local news. Now we need your help to keep producing the local coverage you depend on! More people are reading Morristown Green than ever. But costs keep rising. Reporting the news takes time, money and hard work. We do it because we, like you, believe an informed citizenry is vital to a healthy community.

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  1. Congratulations, Kevin.

    I love podcasts, and there are so many interesting people in town that I would love to hear from. You’ll be hearing from me. This is an exciting step out!