Video 3D: Here’s what Morristown’s new parking deck might look like

Architect's rendering of parking deck proposed for Morristown Lot 10. Photo by Kevin Coughlin


Here’s a simulated video fly-around of the five-level parking garage that the Morristown Parking Authority plans to build behind the post office in the spring of 2020.

The video was shown to the town council by architect Dean Marchetto on Dec. 3, 2019.


And here’s the entire presentation by the parking authority:


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  1. Its a growing urban town/city. You are going to have some traffic problems…….sheesh. Argument is old and tiring. Stop implying the town is better off without all the development that has happened.

  2. No balloons were flown to determine the height of the DeHart street garage, just solid numbers based on projected need at the time. Then the former Town planner and the mayor insisted the garage was too large and fought to have the size reduced. After the first phases of the original plan were complete, the Town then changed the zone from a rehabilitation zone to a redevelopment zone, putting future planning in the hands of the Town instead of the Parking Authority. That enabled the council to change the original density of the Bank and Market Sts. to permit additional stories and reduce setbacks, without providing sufficient parking as part of their approvals. The three major projects have disrupted downtown for years. When complete traffic and parking on Market Street will suffer additional traffic impacts. No wonder other developers feel entitled to the same treatment, although as the old saying goes,” 2 wrongs don’t make a right” , in this case 3 more wrong proposals won’t make Morristown livable or improve existing traffic problems.

  3. Now that’s a legitimate question and valid concern Charles.

    BTW – Did you have a number on what the rent prices and return on investment the owner was entitled to for the new South St apartments?

  4. I’m so flattered that I have a fan club here.

    I’ll just share Iannaccone’s comments:

    ‘Councilman Robert Iannaccone, the council liaison to the MPA, asked for an explanation of how the authority will allocate parking spaces in the deck.

    “We need a clearer statement of what spaces are available,” and to what entities, said Iannaccone, who has prodded the MPA for months to update the council about its plans.

    A DeHart Street restaurant and apartments and a hotel on Market Street have been approved without their own on-site parking, thanks to parking agreements with the MPA. Claremont Properties seeks a similar arrangement to build apartments on Schuyler Place.’

  5. @James I think Dehart was built before Morristown even knew what it was growing towards. When they planned that garage, Motown was a bit dumpier, as I am sure you know.

  6. May not be large enough, the DeHart garage is already overcrowded, capacity was based on the flying of baloons and a decision based on height vs need. Let’s get it right this time, there’s no going back once it’s built. What are the future needs ?

  7. @ Faith – this is just an overall incoherent and wrong summary.

    @Patrick – feel free to name people or specific actions. Asking people to defend their emotional opinions with facts is not bullying. Should I just sit here as a town resident and let the people with poor ideas decide on the town projects? Just let people actually bully investors and developers which many people like because they don’t understand Econ 101?

    Lots of places in town would be desolate and decrepit areas like it was 15-20 years ago. I don’t find that amusing or useful for anyone.

  8. Patrick, I don’t see any bullying here. Could it be that you see it as bullying when someone has an opinion that’s different that yours? You might want to go to your safe space, sir.

  9. If you are referring to me, I am not bullying at all. I am questioning people who spew inaccurate facts. They can easily defend their positions if they wanted to, as I do…

  10. May I ask the moderator why he allows people to bully others on here? I thought this site was about informing the local population and provide for construction conversation. Allowing certain people to continue bullying others who question town redevelopment is sad and dissappointing.

  11. What a not wonderful example of the town’s so called “smart growth planning” (money) that does not fit in with any existing neighborhoods, that cuts off the second ward from the rest of town,supports giant corporations, increases the traffic mess and makes it harder for pedestrians to travel what used to be a people friendly’s all so not good for what used to be a lovely town for people, not money!!!…

  12. Thank you, Kevin for giving the public a chance to view the presentation of the Parking Authority’s attempt to build an updated facility , with references to the past while looking meeting future needs.

    Also note, that because of the topography, the ground level of the garage is actually 18 feet lower than the Post Office, greatly reducing the negative impact of the added stories.

  13. Connor, allow me. it’s not colonial enough and George Washington wouldn’t have liked it! Will there be enough affordable spaces? It will give workers, residents, visitors, and shoppers a place to park their cars. How awful!

    P.S. I hope I don’t offend anyone, but I call this a parking garage. I still don’t know what a “parking deck” is.

  14. Charles, please tell us how awful this will be for the town. I’m having trouble picking out all the negatives here myself.