Giving thanks for Armistice Day, at Fosterfields in Morris Township

The pop-up exhibit at Fosterfields, Nov. 17, 2019. Photo by Jeff Sovelove


By Jeff Sovelove

Cold, overcast weather didn’t keep people away from Sunday’s annual Thanksgiving Harvest Home & Armistice Observance at  the Fosterfields Living Historical Farm in Morris Township.

From farm chores to story time, from cider pressing to visiting with the farm animals, there was something for everyone.  The Seeing Eye even gave a demonstration.

Alexis and her golden retriever CJ showed how guide dogs are trained not to obey if that would put their masters in danger. An example would be refusing to step into traffic.

Alexis set up several barriers and then tried to get CJ to lead her into them, but he refused and led her around the barriers.

Video: CJ guides Alexis around obstacles at Fosterfields, Nov. 17, 2019. Video by Jeff Sovelove for

The Seeing Eye was started in 1929, importing the first dogs from Germany.  The nonprofit charges $150 per dog, the same price in 1929. If a person loses his or her sight while in the military, the fee is $1.

Seeing Eye dogs are trained only with praise and practice around the Green in Morristown, with their final exam in Manhattan.

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At the Willows, the Women’s Experience of the War Museum Theatre Experience presented actors portraying how women helped in World War I.

They worked on farms with the Women’s Land Army, sold Liberty Bonds, and served as nurses on the front lines.  From 1917-18, women sold $17 million in war bonds — equivalent to $170 per capita at the time.

A popup exhibit featured photos of soldiers who served in World War I, and period artifacts loaned by Morris County residents.

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