Morristown Women in Business: ‘Pancreatic cancer is not invincible!,’ Nov. 12

Dr. Angela Alistar, research oncologist at Morristown Medical Center


From the Morristown Women in Business:


Join the Morristown Women in Business for a luncheon at The Grand Cafe to hear Dr. Angela Alistar, a board-certified medical oncologist with Atlantic Health. 

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, from noon – 2 PM
Click HERE to RSVP!

Dr. Angela Alistar will discuss the stigma of pancreatic cancer and how it is NOT invincible. Learn all about her research related to immune-oncology and discover the things to be aware of concerning your own health.

About Dr. Alistar, MD, Medical Director, GI Medical Oncology, Morristown Medical Center: Dr. Angela Alistar is a board-certified medical oncologist with Atlantic Hematology Oncology, Atlantic Medical Group.

Dr. Alistar is Medical Director of GI Medical Oncology at Morristown Medical Center where she is also Medical Director of the phase 1 Breakthrough Treatment Center.

Her research focus is related to immuno-oncology and cancer metabolism in gastrointestinal cancer such as: Pancreatic tumors, cholangiocarcinoma, colorectal, esophageal, gastric cancer and hepatocellular carcinoma.

Her clinical research projects involved active collaborative efforts with other medical departments, such as radiation oncology and surgical oncology, as well as genomics and cancer biology.

Recently, she has published in Lancet Oncology the results of a Phase I clinical study in pancreatic cancer that are very promising for advancing the field for this disease.

This study has shown impressive synergy of a novel agent, CPI -613, in combination with chemotherapy. She is co-leading the national multi-site, randomized study of this promising combination, as well as many other phase 1-3 clinical trials.

Dr. Alistar comes to Atlantic Health System from Wake Forest School of Medicine where she had a heavy emphasis on clinical trials and clinical research. At Wake Forest, she led the GI oncology disease oriented team as a gastrointestinal medical oncology physician and researcher, bringing cutting-edge treatments to patients.

She designed, secured funding for, and conducted five investigator-initiated therapeutic clinical trials, with four of them being phase one. Her work involved maintenance of a sponsor-investigator investigational new drug.

She is passionate about Precision Oncology and Immunotherapies and seeks to identify novel treatment strategies for her patients.

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