Fosterfields gives taste of life on the farm at harvest time

at the 2019 Fall Harvest Fest at Fosterfields. Photo by Jeff Sovelove.


By Jeff Sovelove

On a beautiful late summer day, visitors tried their hand at 1800s-era farm chores at last weekend’s Fall Harvest Fest at the Fosterfields Historical Farm in Morris Township.

There was wool to be carded, and wheat to be ground into flour, and milk to be separated, along with kitchen chores.

For the younger set there were period games, as well as sheep, chickens, turkeys, and horses to discover.

Roadblock, a Clydesdale and a recent retiree from the Morris County Park Police, enjoyed their attention, as did Hobbs, the farm’s retired Belgian draft horse.

Slideshow photos by Jeff Sovelove. Click/hover on images for captions:

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Billy Barrett of Bill Barrett’s Custom Knives brought out his coal forge and forged mini-swords from two-headed nails for the kids. They even got to help hammer out the metal.

The most popular event of the day turned out to be the piglet weighing.  The piglets, each about eight weeks old, enjoyed the attention, but were less enthusiastic about being chased and caught for the weighing. One by one, they were cornered and crated. They then were lifted onto the scale.

Kids also got to help with the cooking (no bacon!) on the traditional wood-fired stove, sifting flour and beating eggs with an old-fashioned hand cranked egg beater. The biscuits and chili smelled delicious!

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