Family to honor memory of Myles Mislavsky, MHS ’13, with debt-forgiveness fund

Myles Mislavsky


From the Morris Educational Foundation:

Morris Educational Foundation Announces ‘Myles Smiled On You Award’
for College-Debt Forgiveness Created in honor of Myles Mislavsky

Many in the Morristown community and beyond knew Myles Mislavsky (Morristown High School – Class of 2013).

His smile was contagious and his friendliness was well-known. To honor his life, his family – Hector Mislavsky, Judy Martinez and Jessie Mislavsky – has created a college-debt forgiveness fund – the Myles Smiled on You Award – for Morristown High School alumni to be administered by the Morris Educational Foundation.

The award, for secondary education loan reduction, will be given to deserving MHS alumni who exemplify Myles’ many positive characteristics.

It was created to reduce the burden of debt many students carry after college making it hard for them to save and get ahead. The award is funded by family, friends and the Golden Bagel Runners who knew and loved Myles.

Myles was an amazing human being. Witty, charismatic, giving and loyal…these words merely scratch the surface in describing Myles. He made a lasting impact on the lives of those around him and was committed to helping others. He radiated joy with a smile so infectious that even on your worst days, he lifted your spirit. People were drawn to Myles and were better for having known him.

The award application is open to all Morristown High School alumni — Class of 2009 and after — who have graduated from a college, university or trade school (two- or four-year) and have student loans.

In 2019, this scholarship will be awarded to multiple alumni who graduated after 2009, at least one of whom graduated with Myles in 2013.

In addition to demonstrating college debt burden, the award application requires three 250-word-or-less essays: How have you dealt with challenging situations (mental or physical health, or other) and how did you or are you dealing with those challenges; describe how you have demonstrated empathy toward others; and what do you do to help your family/community, as well as a letter of recommendation.

“We are honored to administer the Myles Smiled On You Award on behalf of the Mislavsky/Martinez family. We are so grateful to our donors, like the Mislavskys/Martinez Family, whose generosity inspires and impacts our Morristown High School community,” said Patty Haralampoudis, the chair of the Morris Educational Foundation.

It is the hope of the Mislavsky/Martinez Family that with this financial award, Myles will “smile on” Morristown High School alumni just as he did during his amazing life.

For more information and access to the online award application, contact the Morris Educational Foundation.

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