Murphy announces new state gun policy in Morristown

Gov. Phil Murphy, speaking outside Morristown town hall, announces state policy to pressure vendors to follow common-sense gun safety practices. Image: WABC-TV


Gov. Phil Murphy came to Morristown on Tuesday to sign an executive order directing the state to stop doing business with gun manufacturers and companies that don’t conduct thorough background checks and observe other common-sense practices related to gun sales.

Video: WABC-TV:

The state estimates it spends $70 million annually on guns, ammunition and supplies. Murphy’s measure would pertain to all law enforcement agencies in New Jersey.

Additionally, the order applies pressure to financial institutions that do business with the state to certify they have policies for gun safety and responsible sales of firearms.

Within 30 days, the state Commissioner of Banking and Insurance can ban or limit sales and marketing of insurance products that encourage improper use of firearms.

Last week, that department announced a $1 million settlement with a Kansas company that administered a National Rifle Association-sponsored insurance policy encouraging firearms use, in violation of state laws, according to the governor’s office.

New Jersey averages 280 gun-related homicides, 184 gun-related suicides, 764 non-fatal interpersonal shootings, and 599 unintentional shootings per year, the executive order states.

More details about the order are here.

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