Morristown hitting reset button for resident visitor parking passes, Sept. 1

Morristown's new residential visitor parking pass.


When Morristown revamped its residential parking policy last year, town officials said the move would prevent households from gaming the system.

Instead, residents complained, the ordinance just made it harder for them to entertain guests.

The town council relented last month and updated the measure to enable households in restricted-parking neighborhoods to receive up to four free, reusable vehicle hang-tags for visitors, so guests won’t get whacked with $47 parking tickets for exceeding two-hour limits or staying overnight.

The revised ordinance takes effect on Sept. 1, 2019. New hang-tags are available now from town Clerk Margot Kaye at town hall.

Residents reacted sharply to this spring’s rollout of rules limiting them to just one visitor pass. For extra guests, they were told to buy one-time passes for $1 apiece. That approach was patterned after parking policies in Montclair and East Orange.

For years, up to three visitor passes and six resident parking decals were issued per eligible dwelling in Morristown. The number of resident decals per dwelling has been reduced to three.

Officials said the old cardboard visitor passes for car dashboards were easily counterfeited, resulting in overcrowded street parking in some neighborhoods.

Residents with events requiring more than four visitor parking passes can notify the Morristown Parking Authority or the police to request temporary suspension of parking regulations, said Kaye, the town clerk.

“Renewals are due January 1 of each year, and may be done via email with supporting documentation attached. Stickers will be provided to update visitor permits,” Kaye said.

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