Eight-story offices and a roundabout for Spring Street? Morristown officials will field your questions, June 27



Last week we reported about an eight-story office building and traffic circle proposed for the Midtown Shopping Center, the Morris Street strip mall that is home to Macho Nacho, Cluck U Chicken, Burger King, Green Life Market and other businesses.

Morristown officials are inviting the public to bring their questions and comments to a public workshop this Thursday, June 27, 2019, at 6:30 pm in the third-floor senior center at town hall (200 South St.).

You can stop in while visiting Meet Me in Morristown, the monthly sidewalk fair, which runs from 5 pm to 9 pm.

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  1. @Jeff stop spreading your nonsense. What is need is for people like yourself to stop coming into quaint towns and DESTROYING its beauty. More office buildings aren’t needed. Headquarters Plaza and 1766 building always has vacancies.

  2. I constantly amused by the comments of Jeff, so completely out of touch with what makes Morristown able to continue to function as a livable, workable community and how to keep it that way. His ideas about what is attractive have nothing to do with aesthetics or design but simply his opinion based on what what, “pumping life into something” I wonder?

  3. It’s replacing a strip mall eyesore, this is a giant positive for the town.

    Now if only we could fix Headquarters and Spring Street, and put something better in lot 10. Then we’d be talking.

  4. The overbuilding and traffic are making Morristown less desirable.
    It’s too big, too close to the street, and a traffic circle in an already troubled traffic area is a terrible idea. I can’t imagine the ireversible chaos that will be created.
    When is enough, enough?

  5. Would prefer they focus more on residential over corporate office space. Morristown prides itself over the diversity in the area. Would like to see the town stand behind the diversity and rezone 50% of the space for low income residential ownership.

  6. I agree with Matt. This is a very positive plan.
    Is Headquarters Plaza fully rented? What an odd complex that is, with the awkward spaces between buildings. I wish they could knock it all down and put up better-designed highrises.

  7. @Harriet Your rationing about the situation couldn’t be more far off. It HELPS the neighborhood and town. It does not hurt it. Why does everyone always mention all these new developments ruining heights in Motown when headquarters has been around for DECADES

  8. No! NO! and No way! It’s beyond wrong. It will build a horrid wall. Ann Street is already marred by the apartments behind the courthouse and the overbuilding on Market St. Then there’s the tall and long buildings by town hall. Add to that the strange apartments behind the cemetary hill on the corner of Water and Spring. Just where are these businesses to go? It’s reminiscent of the debacle when the three towers were built in the hole that blocked the Hollow! No! NO! No way.

  9. @Jeff 100% agree. I think that North Park Place is largely owned by one individual/company and they have been sitting on those buildings without doing anything for quite some time– which is sad

  10. Downtown badly needs more of a corporate presence. Okay, is the Spring/Morris intersection considered “downtown?” I don’t know if it is. It certainly is close. As it is at a lower elevation and adjoins downtown and has a lot of retail and restaurants, I suggest calling it “Lower Downtown.”
    But I digress.
    I think this project will pump a lot of life into the area. Sadly, I bet they will dumb it down by reducing its height. I wonder if office workers would stay on Morris Street, or if they would head to the green at lunchtime.
    P.S. I don’t know what they can do about North Park Place, but that block needs a lot of help.