Police fault pedestrian struck by car in Morristown

Morristown police at scene of pedestrian accident, May 21, 2019. Photo by Linda Carrington
Morristown police at scene of pedestrian accident, May 21, 2019. Photo by Linda Carrington

A pedestrian sustained a slight fracture to the pelvis after being struck by a car in Morristown on Tuesday evening, police said.

The driver has not been charged; a preliminary investigation indicates the pedestrian was at fault, said Public Safety Director Michael Corcoran Jr.

The accident occurred around 6 pm. The driver, Debora Dawson of Morristown, was making a left turn from Maccullocch Avenue onto Miller Road when Steven Young, also of Morristown, ran in front of the car, Corcoran said.

Dawson told police she never saw the pedestrian coming, and was unable to confirm whether he was in the crosswalk.
“The pedestrian admitted that he wanted to cross the street fast, so he ran out into the road. He advised that he did not see the vehicle,” and was uncertain if he was within the crosswalk, Corcoran said.


In addition to the pelvis injury, Young complained of pain on legs and buttocks, and minor scrapes on his knees, Corcoran said.

Earlier this month, Morristown officials announced a month-long public education campaign to promote pedestrian safety.

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  1. Wow a bunch of Rhodes Scholars commenting. The pedestrian ADMITTED that he RUSHED into the crosswalk in an attempt to cross before the vehicle. And yet somehow it is still the driver’s fault. Yes pedestrians do have the right of way. But NOT when they rush into a crosswalk trying to beat a car.

    As far as jaywalking laws go, they are designed to prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths. If certain people prefer living in places where there are no such laws, perhaps they should move there.

  2. If cars and trucks did not step on the gas to beat the lights as they enter South street from the side streets, many accidents could be avoided. Speed limits are ignored all the time. Crossing South Street between Madison Ave and Elm street is always hazardous, as cars coming from the Madison/South intersection hit the gas as soon as the light turns green, while cars are attempting exit or enter the banks, stores and Hamilton Rd. ignore the crosswalks.

  3. The victim of this accident is STILL in the hospital, one week later, unable to walk or perform the most basic self care skills. Months of rehab remain in the future. The driver, however, was unharmed. We will never know what level of distraction was going on in her vehicle as she made a turn without making sure without checking.

    This article was written prematurely without all the facts. The authors of the judgmental comments should be ashamed of themselves as well. This could easily have been you or your loved one. Think of how fast a pedestrian goes (3 to 5 mph max) versus the cars at that intersection (often way more than they should!), and then consider who might be at fault.

  4. Daniel – there are no pedestrian lights at this crossing – it is the pedestrian’s right of way at all times. There is no way he wasn’t in the crosswalk because the sidewalk goes straight into the crosswalk at this corner. It is very interesting that the USA has “jaywalking” as a crime but hardly any other countries do – punish the most vulnerable rather than make those with the lethal object learn how to take responsibility.

  5. People try to violate the laws of physics. It will not work. Two objects can’t occupy the same space, but that hasn’t stopped many from trying!

  6. I really feel so sorry for this the individual that was struck. These people have some nerves saying it was his fault, where is the compassion that we are supposed to have for human life. It’s not like it was a deer crossing the road it was a young man and he could have died God forbid. Have mercy people. I hope and pray that morristown puts “25mile” signs up because this is a school district and young children walk and run around this area all the time. It could of been your child, please remember that.

  7. Stop look and listen, is that so hard? We need an “education program” to teach people how to cross a street?

  8. The police should crack down on the pedestrians in Morristown. They always ignore the hand signals which are at practically every intersection in town. It’s real easy folks, if you see an orange hand, you don’t cross. And don’t get me started on the jaywalkers. Too lazy to walk 20 feet to the crosswalk? And you expect me to stop to let you pass? Nope. The best are parents jaywalking with their kids. Teaching the new generation to ignore traffic laws and encourage dangerous behavior that’s great.