Tabor Tabernacle reviving its liturgical past with comedy ‘Nunsense,’ May 10-11

'Nunsense' is coming to the Mount Tabor Tabernacle, May 10-11, 2019.
'Nunsense' is coming to the Mount Tabor Tabernacle, May 10-11, 2019.


From the Mount Tabor Arts Collaborative:

The Tabernacle in Mount Tabor revives its liturgical past with the hit comedy Nunsense, on May 10th and 11th, 2019, at 7 pm.

“When I first moved to Mt. Tabor and saw the inside of the Tabernacle, I said, ‘I must do Nunsense here!’ Two years later, here we are,” says Dawn Ward Lau, director of the Mount Tabor Arts Collaborative.

Nunsense posterLau and her organization are bringing the church back into the Tabernacle with a rollicking musical full of double-entendres, surprises, and spirit.

The premise: There’s been a catastrophe at the convent, so the Little Sisters of Hoboken are putting on a benefit show to raise funds.

And life will echo art, as this production of Nunsense will serve as a fundraiser for Once On This Island, a children’s production coming on July 20 and 21, 2019.

Nunsense is an especially good match for the Mount Tabor Tabernacle. Built in 1885 to host religious and arts events, the octagonal structure boasts a soaring roof, arched windows and pew seating that still give the space a hint of “holiness.”

And Lau plans to make full use of this vibe.

“Our stage is small but mighty, so big splashy musicals with several cast members are hard to stage here,” she says. Her highly interactive staging of Nunsense spills into the pews.

Lau’s introduction to the show came she was cast as Sister Robert Anne in a Connecticut-based production. She looks forward to reprising the role on the Mount Tabor stage.  According to Lau, the character is a mischievous jokester.

“If she hadn’t entered the convent, she would have found herself in jail!” she says.

Get Thee To Nunsense: Tickets are $25 and may be reserved at or at

Nunsense is directed by Lau, who also provides original choreography, along with Felton Smith. Book, music and lyrics are by Dan Goggin.  The Tabernacle is at 26 Simpson Ave. Call  201-873-2537 for more.

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