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Morristown Mama Drama is two Morris County moms with two different perspectives– one from the land of Mardi Gras (New Orleans, LA) and one from the land of WaWa (Bucks County, PA)–sharing insights and tips from the trenches. We met in Morristown when our oldest kids were 6 months old and have been navigating this delightful, and sometimes harrowing, journey together ever since. Check out our latest escapades and local recommendations right here on Morristown Green.


Mammmmma!” the three-am call sound calls out. You stumble up, grab your glasses, and prepare to squeeze yourself between the guard railing and your 5-year-old in her twin bed.

“I had a bad dream.”

You know the drill–you pull a unicorn-printed throw blanket over you that covers either your toes or your shoulders but not both. Your child will soon drift off into her snore-filled, arms-thrashing state that spells the end of sleep for you.

In the morning you will prepare two breakfasts of oatmeal and waffles –both will be refused and you might even find yourself almost throwing out those Wholefoods strawberries, but I know you won’t do that. You will shove all those organic berries right into your non-breakfast eating mouth because you aren’t going to toss organic produce. Beyoncé probably doesn’t even throw out WholeFoods produce.

It’s “just another day in paradise.” And for your troubles, my dear, you will get one day. One crowning day, your day, Mother’s Day.

And what to get you on that day? We’ve asked some of our Mama friends and compiled a few suggestions of what local moms would like to receive this Mother’s Day from local businesses. Tell whomever you share this with that you just thought they’d enjoy the cute Bitmoji’s or something. They’ll get the hint.

Mama Drama self care Sensory Deprivation: Let’s be honest, one of the things we most want is just some time alone. Like ALONE alone, which can be hard to come by. Enter the sensory deprivation float tank. A pod full of water heated to body temperature and so full of salt that you’ll float without effort in a dark, enclosed space. Think Eleven from Stranger Things, or your own personal Dead Sea. You can’t see, hear, or do anything, and no one can get close enough to ask you for a snack. Key tip–cover any scratches or cuts with petroleum jelly before entering the water–unless of course you love that feeling of running into the ocean with freshly shaved legs.

Quantum Floats in Bedminster is offering a Mother’s Day special of one float for $65 or two floats for $120. 

General Pampering: We spend so much time rubbing backs, de-tangling hair, wiping faces, hands, butts — sometimes you just need to be the one tended to instead of the one doing the tending. I can’t imagine many scenarios where a mom would turn down a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, facial, or pretty much any treatment that involves lotion. (Don’t expect that last statement to appear in the Father’s Day gift guide, this is a family publication.)

Mama Drama pedicureThe places some of our Mama friends have called out as being favorites for these services include Suzi’s Salon for a mani/pedi, the Chambers Center for Well Being for a massage (or  “a massage — from ANYWHERE,” as one Mama put it), the new Refresh Nail N Spa for an organic, relaxing experience and Bloom for a blowout and/or makeup application.

Local Tip: Spavia in Cedar Knolls (in the same general parking lot as ShopRite), which features, massages, facials, hydoderm treatments, tanning and waxing has a couple of offers going on now. According to a representative, receive a free $25 gift card when you purchase $125 in Spavia gift cards. In spa only – now through May 15, 2019. An additional Mother’s Day special offers $50 off any two premier services – including massages, facials, hydroderm, body treatments and more. Also in-spa only and valid through May 15. Not to be combined with any other offer.

Back in the Nursery: It’s your day, but you never really take a break from being a caretaker. And that extends to plants too. (Deer snacks, as we like to call them.) We heard from a few Mamas that they would love to get plants or other gardening accoutrements, especially because Mother’s Day falls around the time many people finally gather the energy and will to do some planting and general outdoor sprucing. Even the local grocery stores like King’s, ShopRite and Wegman’s usually have nice selections of hanging baskets and other plants. But Agway on Ridgedale Avenue is a great local source for all gardening needs. Be sure to get that special lady an extra large jug of deer-repellent coyote urine, just to let her know how much you care.

Get Away!

Wanna feel like you’ve crossed the Atlantic?  Or at least, gone back in time? Head to one of our favorite romantic getaways–The Beekman Arms in Rhinebeck, NY. Get on the road now and you can be there in under two hours.

Mama Drama cucumber eyesThe inn has been around since 1704. Not only did George Washington, General Lafayette, Robert Livingston, and Aaron Burr (to name a few) spend the night, but this other little thing happened there too. According to the lore, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton exchanged words at the tavern in the inn that led to the famous duel. You can have a drink there too and literally be “in the room where it happened.”

Raise a glass of cream sherry and toast the Continental Army that trained on the grounds in front of the historic inn. Mother’s Day Special includes a box of Oliver Kita chocolates, a bottle of house red or white wine, and a $50 gift certificate for the tavern if you book a two-night stay in one of the rooms in the Main Inn during the month of May.

Keep it Under an Hour’s Drive?

One of our other favorite getaways is the Woolverton Inn in Stockton, NJ. B& listed it as “one of the top ten B&Bs in the country.” Come here for a Mother’s Day “Sunday Country Breakfast” from 9:30-11:30 am, by reservation only. Stroll around the property where Julia Child was married. If it’s good enough for her, it works for us. Check out this hidden gem tucked away close to the Delaware River. Feed the sheep then sit down and enjoy as Chef Scott works wonders with the local produce. Freshly ground coffee and homemade donuts with lemon cream. Yes, please.

Morristown Brunching: This has become a “thing” for Mother’s Day. Like the New Year’s Eve prix fixe-with-champagne-toast dinner, however, it can be overrated, overpriced, and overcrowded.

Mama Drama knife forkOn my second Mother’s Day, we tried to do a nice brunch but there were not enough high chairs and my 18-month-old was not going to make it through the meal in a regular chair. We ended up at a random diner. A diner that was fresh out of the first two things I ordered. How about some Mother’s Day scrapple? Plenty available!

After that experience,  I’ve always enjoyed a lovely Mother’s Day breakfast at the trusty old Morristown Diner, and that’s good enough for me.

But if you would like to go a little more upscale, there are some lovely options for a special meal for the special ladies on their special day.

  • Market Taverne – 10 am-3 pm à la carte menu, and chef’s specials starting at 1 pm.
  • Blue Morel– Three Course Menu to celebrate Mom — adults, $68, and children under 12 years old, $34, from noon to 9 pm. The Wine Room is available for private dining for up to 18 people.
  • The Grain House at Olde Mill Inn – Regular Brunch buffet all day, adults $58; children 4-11, $24; under four free.

Just Leave the Woman Alone: Jewelry, flowers, nice meals. Lovely, all of it. But in the words of my own harried mother in the early days of being home full time with three needy kids, “can I just get five GD minutes to myself?” 

Mama Drama Me TimeOr, as Tina Fey’s character in the 2010 comedy Date Night put it: “There are times when I just thought about… checking into a hotel and just being in a quiet room by myself, just sitting in a quiet air-conditioned room, sitting down, eating my lunch, with no one touching me, drinking a Diet Sprite, by myself.”

Is that so much to ask?




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