The heart of Morristown’s entrepreneurial ecosystem — shared work spaces


Morristown’s downtown is a service sector economy. So it’s to be expected that there would be an outgrowth of consulting entrepreneurship

do these solo-preneurs and tiny businesses reside?  Executive offices and co-working spaces.

The most famous shared workspaces for technology startup subculture communities and freelancers is WeWork.  Since it’s headquartered in New York City, its rather surprising that they haven’t overrun New Jersey.  Although, there was that dust-up about Jersey City not being cool enough for WeWork.

View of Morristown Medical Center from Regus Conference Room

WeWork has plenty of competitors though.  One is in Headquarters Plaza North Tower Symphony Workplaces

The other two are on Madison Avenue.  Regus at 55 Madison Ave – overlooking the hospital– and Morristown Workplace, 163 Madison Ave. 

These venues rent private offices and shared offices.  Conference rooms, phone attendants, mail and virtual office plans are provided.

The amenities are broader than at the venerable Daily Plan It on Speedwell.  Nonetheless, it’s the same concept — show you’re more than a dreamer working out of the spare bedroom.

Then there’s co-working, which is more open-plan.  Like a coffee shop (Keurig generally), it is exclusive to entrepreneurs.  Morristown has the hip En Masse Coworking on High Street Court, just off Cattano and Sky Desk, with a Park Place address.  Both are working to create a community of like-minded creatives.

Most exciting is the nascent production sector,  specifically the baking-, photo studio and who-knows-what-else in the loft offered at Foundry 8 Budd.

Foundry 8 Budd (st)

This backs up Art Space on Elm Street. Selling art or cake is a production. It’s not a service.



When designating Morristown as a “service sector” economy, we’re citing government foremost.  (It is the County seat after all.)

That means lawyers and justice professionals and architects and designers, and optometrists, bankers, doctors and medical professionals, international travel and expo consultants — consultants of every kind in fact.

On the retail side are the high end salons, eateries, pet and child care, fitness.

Beth Kujan (dba Tech Stevedore LLC) is responsible for committees and programs at Morris County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), part of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.


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