Morris Township man accused of spiriting off with pricey wine

Morris Township police logo


From Morris Township Police Chief Mark DiCarlo:

Morris Township Police have arrested a Township resident for theft from Wine & Whiskey Country on Burnham Road, Morris Township.

Detectives charged Gerald Gregor Jr. for theft of a $250 bottle of wine. The theft was caught on camera and video footage assisted in identifying Mr. Gregor.

Mr. Gregor turned himself in on Feb. 22, 2019, and was charged with fourth degree theft for shoplifting.

Mr. Gregor was released on a complaint summons, pending a court date.

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  1. Ridge023… Come out from your hiding. Have you ever heard of a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. How about Due Process? Why are you so glad when you appear to be ignorant of the facts? Come out from hiding. Maybe we can have a conversation where you can be enlightened.

  2. Glad they caught this guy. The owners of this liquor store are super nice people, they work hard to make a living and they’re very supportive of the greater Morristown community.

    Pretty pathetic that anyone would feel the need to steal a $250 bottle of wine!