Ceremony will honor Morristown’s Dublin enclave, March 3

Morristown's Little Dublin


From the Morris County Freeholders:



In partnership with the Morris County Heritage Commission, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Morris County will hold a special ceremony on the afternoon of Sunday, March 3, 2019, to honor one of Morristown’s earliest immigrant neighborhoods: Dublin – Morristown’s Historic Irish Neighborhood. 

County residents are invited to join in the festivities at 1:30 pm at the corner of Madison Street and Macculloch Avenue, where they will learn about the enclave that nurtured generations of Irish immigrants and their descendants for more than 100 years in Morris County.

The neighborhood has been featured in two works published by the Morristown & Morris Township Library: Greeting the Past, A Walking Tour of the Dublin Neighborhood, and Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Times: Morristown New Jersey’s Immigrant Past.

Friendly Sons logo“I thank the Heritage Commission for working closely with the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick on a project that helps educate county residents on the important historical and cultural impact made on Morris County by Irish immigrants,’’ said Freeholder Kathy DeFillippo, who is liaison to the Heritage Commission.

At the March 3 event, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Morris County, NJ, will unveil a Dublin Neighborhood historical marker and two interpretive panels funded by a grant from the Morris County Heritage Commission.

Morristown's Little Dublin

Speakers will include Morristown Mayor Tim Dougherty, Morris County Heritage Commission Acting Director Peg Shultz, and Rev. Msgr. John Hart, and author Cheryl Turkington. Freeholders DeFillippo and Doug Cabana will join in unveiling the marker and panels.

The Guard Pipes & Drums then will lead a short procession to the Dublin Pub in Morristown for a celebration beginning at 2:30 p.m.


  1. Beautiful comments I had two Irish relatives from Clea Keady Co Armagh who lived in South St Morristown NJ 1911 and 1916
    Names : Alice RAFFERTY daughter of Roseanne Rafferty nee Connolly and her cousin Mary Hughes later married in NYC to Patrick McCormack . Details were located on their ship records from Ireland and Glasgow arriving into the Port of New York .
    The photos online of Morristown are beautiful . I will visit next time I travel to USA.

  2. There is also a lovely illustrated book on the history of Assumption parish, “We Built a Family,” available for a $25 donation at the Assumption parish offices. It covers the earliest days of the parish and its role in the neighborhood, as well as more recent developments.

  3. Hi Peggy – We will have both Greeting the Past, A Walking Tour of the Dublin Neighborhood, and Ordinary Days, Extraordinary Times: Morristown New Jersey’s Immigrant Past available for purchase at the Dublin Pub following the dedication. The dedication is at 1:30, the celebration at the pub is at 2:30. Hope to see you there!

  4. I believe the Library also has copies of Cheryl Turkington’s booklet, Greeting the Past, A Walking Tour of the Dublin Neighborhood in Morristown, NJ pub.2006 It includes a map pictures and wonderful stories about the neighborhoods past history.

  5. Wonderful to recognize the “ Little Dublin” historic district and all that it represents for those of Irish heritage. I remember talking with Fr. Martin Rauscher, OSB, when he was pastor of Assumption, about the importance of this neighborhood during the era of the great immigration of the mid and late 19th C. and the haven it was for those brave people who risked everything to come to America in search of a better life. The welcome they received wasn’t all they may have initially hoped for but with the help of a truly great church, Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and all it did (and still does) for people in need, these first arrivals established a new life in our unique and wonderful country. Nice to see this event happening; good work! It helps to remind us that we are all immigrants continuing to do the work it takes to build our lives here in America and welcome new arrivals who bring fresh energy, enthusiasm and thinking.