Looking for a Morristown home: Literacy Volunteers of Morris County

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From Literacy Volunteers of Morris County:

Literacy Volunteers of Morris County (LVMC), a not-for-profit based in Morristown for more than 30 years, is looking for a new office.

The volunteers’ current office on Pine Street is being re-developed by new owners, the Silverman Group of Basking Ridge, and the LVMC is being forced to move.

LVMC provides free instruction to adults who lack the ability to read, write or speak English. Each year they help more than 600 people learn these basic, but critical skills.

The organization is looking for space for its part-time staff of six, as well as room for  tutors to work with students.

“Many of our students live or work in Morristown, and do not have cars, so we need to be located near public transportation,” says Debbie Leon, executive director.

“We know rents in Morristown are expensive, but we are hoping to find something affordable in town so that we are able to continue to provide our students with the help they need.”

Leon is publicizing LVMC’s need for an office in the hope that a property owner, church or other not-for-profit has space available that it’s willing to lease.

For more information regarding Literacy Volunteers of Morris County, call (973) 984-1998 or email here.

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