With subzero wind chills forecast, Morris schools cancel after-school events; Morristown warming station opens

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With the National Weather Service forecasting wind chills that could feel like 20 degrees below zero, the Morris School District has canceled all afternoon and evening activities for Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019.

The sunset program will operate on a normal schedule.

Morristown’s fire station on 161 Speedwell Ave. will serve as a warming center overnight. Read these safety tips for coping with extreme cold.

A wind chill advisory is in effect for Greater Morristown from 7 pm through 10 pm on Wednesday.

Afternoon snow squalls with winds gusting to 60 mph could make the evening commute treacherous. As of mid-afternoon, Morristown Police were advising of whiteout conditions, and urging motorists to stay home.

Winds ranging from 20 mph to 50 mph may continue into the evening, according to the forecast:

Strong winds may blow down limbs, trees, and power lines. Scattered power outages are expected.

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