Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Morris (again) ranks in Best 25 US counties



Morris County is among America’s best, according to MSN Money.

Using American Community Survey data, the publication this month ranked Morris right above Hunterdon and below Somerset among the 25 best counties in which to live.

Last year, 2018, Morris County ranked 19th. Hunterdon County was number 22. Somerset was 18; once again just above Morris.

The judges at MSN Money were looking for counties where one’s neighbors would be uniformly highly educated, affluent and healthy.

Below is the data used for the ranking.

> Bachelor’s degree attainment rate: 52.6%
> Poverty rate: 4.6%
> Life expectancy: 82.0 years
> Median household income: $107,034

Life expectancy seems to have been heavily weighted in the MSN Money rubric.  This year’s #1 pick was Pitkin County, Colo., which has lower median income and higher poverty rate, but a longer life expectancy.

Beth Kujan (dba Tech Stevedore LLC) is responsible for committees and programs at the Morris County Economic Development Corporation (EDC), part of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce.

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