Women lawmakers rap Webber at Sherrill event

Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill, at microphone, is flanked by by state Senators Loretta Weinberg, Nia Gill and Nellie Pou. Photo by Virginia Citrano
Congressional candidate Mikie Sherrill, at microphone, is flanked by by state Senators Loretta Weinberg, Nia Gill and Nellie Pou. Photo by Virginia Citrano

This article is republished from MyVeronaNJ.com, with permission.

By Virginia Citrano

Seven women who serve in the New Jersey state Assembly and Senate came to Montclair on Friday to voice support of Mikie Sherrill and share their experiences of working in state government with Jay Webber.

Sherrill and Webber, respectively, are the Democratic and Republican contenders for Congress in New Jersey’s 11th district, where Republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen is retiring after 12 terms.

“I am hear to tell you that Jay Webber is not going to be our next congressman,” said state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37th).

“He fought tooth and nail against refunding Planned Parenthood. He led the charge against putting money in the budget for women’s healthcare.”

Gesturing to the legislators standing next to her in a woman-owned art gallery in Montclair, Weinberg added, We’ve served with him, we’ve seen his No votes, we’re here to tell the women in New Jersey that if you come out to vote you will have a new wonderful strong voice in Congress with Mikie Sherrill.”

The female legislators included state Senators Nia Gill (D-34th), Linda Greenstein (D-14th), and Nellie Pou (D-35th), and state Assemblywomen Nancy Pinkin (D-18th), Angela McKnight (D-31st) and Britnee Timberlake (D-34th).

Some of their districts are outside the boundaries of the 11th Congressional district, which includes towns in Morris, Essex, Passaic and Sussex counties.

Despite a huge fundraising edge over Webber, and a blitz of campaign mailings and cable TV ads, Sherrill leads him by just four points, according to a recent Monmouth University poll. That’s within the survey’s margin of error.

House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressional candidate Jay Webber in Florham Park. Image: NJTV
House Speaker Paul Ryan and Congressional candidate Jay Webber in Florham Park. Image: NJTV

Earlier this week, House Speaker Paul Ryan endorsed Webber at a rally in Florham Park. Vice President Mike Pence also has campaigned for him in Morris County.

President Trump has tweeted support for Webber, and will hold a fundraiser for his campaign on Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018, in Washington D.C.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords have stumped for Sherrill in New Jersey.

On Friday, the state legislators offered their perspective on Webber from their time in state government with him. Greenstein noted that Webber voted against a bill that would have required domestic abusers with restraining orders against them to surrender their weapons.

Webber, said Pou, was “against helping New Jersey counties to help the homeless, against foreclosure assistance, against worker safety, against after-school programs for at-risk children. “We cannot allow Jay Webber to continue his war on women in the U.S. Congress.”

Assemblywoman Pinkin took issue with Webber’s vote in March against the Diane B. Allen Equal Pay Act, which she said Webber had deemed “unnecessary.” She said that when women are paid less, it affects their Social Security benefits and their pensions.

“I would suggest that the Assemblyman did not read the bill,” added Weinberg. “If he thinks that is all symbolic he doesn’t understand the difference between symbolism and reality.”

For her part, Sherrill said Webber “has chosen to put his own partisan ideology above the women in the district.”

Asked by the reporters why she has not taken a stronger stand against President Trump’s policies on women, Sherrill disagreed, saying, “I have, by running for Congress.”

“Me ranting about Trump would not move the agenda,” Sherrill added. She said voters in the 11th district want her “to come up with a plan about how we can move this country forward … Our real needs for the future are going to go on far beyond President Trump.”

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  1. Ms. Lescohier:

    A few rebuttals to your comments:

    – No Republicans in Congress, or Jay Webber, will “take away your health care”. Anyone who needs health insurance has the right, and will have the right, to purchase health insurance that meets their needs. Single-payer, or “Medicare for All” plans are NOT a solution. No one said it better than Paul Tsongas, one of the last moderate Democrats on the national stage. He was dead set AGAINST government-provided health care, saying that “…it would have all the efficiency of the Post Office, and all the compassion of the IRS.”

    – Your “facts” about the “tax scam” are not factual at all, and you leave out some very important details. For one, the lowered tax brackets will absolutely save middle-class taxpayers in NJ and elsewhere a lot of money. I ran my own family’s numbers on an estimator for the new tax bill and we will save almost $2,000. You cannot convince me that this is not a good thing.
    Secondly, these lower tax rates and simplifications, along with a reduction of excessive regulations in a number of areas, are what have stimulated the economy to these remarkable levels. You don’t provide the source of your $1.9 trillion national debt increase claim, but it has been widely reported that federal tax receipts are much higher this year, and they will continue to grow as the economy grows. Unless Democrats succeed in blocking these measures, you will see that the tax bill’s effect on the national debt will be much more manageable.

    So after all this and your misleading “facts”, Jay Webber and continuing GOP leadership in DC are the best choice for NJ and the country. I will be voting for Jay Webber.

  2. Ms. Lescohier: Your comment needs some “wordsmithing” as Webber’s stance does not mean “higher taxes for NJ families”. His stance means less Federal tax deductions. NJ politicians have habitually raised taxes all on their own and capping the deduction does not raise taxes. Implementing a cap only serves to level the national spending practices and makes it glaringly obvious that the system of old in NJ is broken and it removes the incentive of NJ politicians pandering to the poor with giveaways of public dollars.

  3. Here are the facts about Jay Webber and the tax scam:

    * He supports a tax bill that capped the state and local tax deduction for New Jersey families. Webber’s plan raises taxes for many New Jersey families by thousands of dollars a year.

    * The law was so bad that it was opposed by every Member of Congress from North Jersey, Republican or Democrat.

    * The bill also adds $1.9 trillion to the national debt.

    Webber’s got his own agenda, and it means higher taxes for New Jersey families and tax relief for his donors.

    Share this information with friends before they go to the polls on November 6th.

    Vote for Mikie.

  4. It’s this simple: anybody who’s going to vote to take away your health care should not be elected on November 6th. Woman need a strong voice in Congress. Vote for Mikie.

  5. Ms. Franklin….I assume that you are a Democrat endorsing Mikie Sherrill, as is your right. But there is hardly any news in this story – Democratic women endorsing a Democratic candidate for Congress.

    This Republican is writing to endorse Jay Webber. I urged him personally to continue referring to her as “Montclair Mikie” because there is so little Morris County has in common with Montclair. Mikie didn’t even live in the 11th CD when she announced her candidacy, and she has no legislative experience. I am sure that she is a nice person, but we can do better.

    Jay Webber has the better background and experience to represent CD11, having lived in Morris County for many years. Mikie has distorted his record, and although she attempts to appeal to moderate voters, she will be anything but moderate if she is elected and has to pay back all the favors demanded by her donors.

    As far as being “spineless parrots” as you call us (why not just call us “deplorables”?) I AM speaking up for what I believe is right for CD11. I like the tax cuts, the economic growth, the historically low unemployment, the more aggressive postures in foreign affairs and trade…so while I may not like everything that the President says, I pay more attention to what he DOES.

    So I will be voting for Jay Webber….largely in the hopes that we can continue the growth and prosperity that GOP leadership has brought during the last two years. Women, men and children of all ages will benefit from rising economic growth, employment and wages that won’t continue if the Democrats gain control of the House.

  6. People complain that the toxic atmosphere in Washington, DC must end and I couldn’t agree more. But Jay Webber is doing worse – he is bringing it to the 11th District and beyond in New Jersey. He is blatantly lying and then goes a step further: he uses the town of Montclair in, I suppose, a pejorative way, in labelling Mikie Sherrill “Montclair Mikie”. What exactly is he implying by that term?

    When Paul Ryan came to town in a hidden fundraiser, even he picked up that phrase – did he even understand its meaning? These spineless parrots in the Republican Party have become Trumpers from top to the bottom.

    But have no doubt – he is a parrot, endorsed by Trump and the NRA. And the 11th District, New Jersey, cannot afford having a deeper bench of Republicans.

    This was never more evident than the recent debates. Mikie Sherrill’s integrity, honest answers, and informed responses and answers to his attacks, leaves no doubt she is the better-suited candidate. And thankfully, we won’t have Webber in the State Assembly any longer either.

    New Jersey and the nation move forward with a vote for Mikie Sherrill.