Hear the candidates for Morris Township committee, Morris school board, Oct. 15, 16



Hear what candidates for Morris Township committee and the Morris School District board have to say, at a pair of forums this week.

Both are scheduled for the Thomas Jefferson School, on James Street in Morristown.

The committee goes first, at 7 o’clock tonight, Monday, Oct. 15, 2018.

On Tuesday, Oct. 16, the school district candidates share their views, also starting at 7 pm.

The events are organized by the Morristown Area League of Women Voters.

And a reminder: Tuesday, Oct. 16 is the voter registration deadline in New Jersey.

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  1. I’ve been amused by the glossy propaganda mailed to me by the Morris Twp Democrats. On the one hand they advocate lower taxes and in another pece they decry the recent development projects that will continue to keep our taxes low by providing more rateables without many more school children. News flash, Jeff, you can’t have it both ways. You also can’t take credit for Republican initiatives like Court Consolidation, where your role was merely to go along.

    These development projects were well thought out and planned, OPENLY, over a long period. they include Open Space componente to meet the recreational needs of our kids.

    It’s easy to criticize from the outside, but the people of Morris Twp are smart and won’t throw out their government to replace it with the people who run Morristown at twice the expense.