The personal toll of Nazi Germany’s annexation of Czechoslovakia, Oct. 2


Madison, N.J. – Three speakers at Drew University will explain how Nazi Germany’s annexation of western Czechoslovakia 80 years ago impacted their lives.

The speakers—Peter Fleischmann, Susan Lederman and Eva Vogel—were born in Czechoslovakia and will share their stories Oct. 2 at Drew’s Dorothy Young Center for the Arts, beginning at 4 p.m.

The event, which will take place in Room 106, is presented by Drew’s Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study with support from the Jackie Berke Fund, Sylvia Holder Fund and Hedy and Jay Brasch.

Germany’s annexation stemmed from an agreement it struck with Britain, France and Italy. The Munich Pact of 1938 was designed to avert war—afterward, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain talked of “peace in our time”—but in the end, merely delayed it after fueling Adolf Hitler’s aggressive expansionism.

The talk will explore the personal ramifications of a misguided foreign policy decision that was made without the involvement of Czechoslovakia.

About the Center

Founded in 1992 through a grant from the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education, the Center for Holocaust/Genocide Study offers a variety of events. We schedule—as permanent anchors in our programming—an annual November conference in memory of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) and an annual Yom HaShoah (Day of Remembrance) commemoration. We also offer films, lectures, performances, workshops and commemorative events dealing with the Holocaust and with other genocides such as those in Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Darfur and Rwanda. We enrich Drew’s undergraduate and graduate course work by bringing notable scholars and speakers to campus, organizing visits to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and providing additional resources that enhance the study of Holocaust and genocide. We also support faculty research. For example, we commissioned an English translation of a German text dealing with Nazi slave labor camps. All events are open to the larger community.

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  1. “Czechoslovakia” was an artificial Franken-nation stitched together in 1918…I’m not an apologist for the regime, but that included three million ethnic Germans who had lived in the area for centuries who became sliced off from their homeland. The Czech, Slovak, Moravian, Bohemian, and German ethnicities were all desirous of autonomy. After the war it was forcefully held together by Soviet Russia…look at a map today and you will see the result of the peoples will.