Washington Association to honor Morristown High students for historical film, Sept. 15

Morristown High School juniors Kylee Strasser, left, and Katie Rosa have created a documentary about the Morristown National Historical Park.
As juniors, Morristown High School students Kylee Strasser, left, and Katie Rosa created a documentary about the Morristown National Historical Park.

From the Washington Association of New Jersey:

Spotlight on a New Prize and an Award-Winning Film

Morristown High School seniors and film students, Katie Rosa and Kylee Strasser have produced an outstanding new film, Historic Morristown: A Beacon of Light in the American Revolution.

The Washington Association of New Jersey and the Morristown National Historical Park are pleased to present the inaugural of the film on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. The Washington Association will make the Premiere Presentation of the Association’s new prize, The G. Washington Prize for Creative Excellence, to the film producers at the event.

Last fall on spectacular sunny and crisp days, the students, then juniors, worked on the production of the film, researching, filming and editing their award-winning video.

They carefully arranged each shot professionally, filling the frame with dramatic story, light and detail. The setup of scene, script and performer and follow-up editing was extraordinary.

The film team worked seamlessly with the script written by Eileen Cameron, WANJ Trustee, and narrator Karen Sloat-Olsen of the Thomas Edison National Historical Park.

As the film rolls, Pat Sanftner of the Daughters of the American Revolution, as Mrs. Ford, welcomes the viewing visitor to her home, the Ford Mansion, now known as Washington’s Headquarters, and explains how life changed with General Washington and his staff filling her home with intense activity and military planning which would change the world.

Ms. Sanftner is a consummate actress and the audience feels as if they too are as welcome as the General.

Retired Judge Ken MacKenzie, WANJ Trustee and veteran historical tour presenter, leads the viewer through the Headquarters Museum, describing each of the major galleries.

The camera shifts to the hills above Morristown, where Phil Gaffney, WANJ Trustee and Fort Nonsense expert, stands at the top of the fort’s heights and directs the viewer to observe the vantage point of the patriots, where they could see 360 degrees around and far in the distance, watching for signs of the British approaching. Phil particularly focuses the visitor to look eastward where on a clear day the observer can see New York City, stronghold of the British.

The film moves to Jockey Hollow where Eric Olsen, experienced Park Ranger, brings the viewer back in time to the hard life off a working farm at the time of the Revolution, and the patriotic Wick family at their home. Eric also takes the visitors to the Soldiers Huts where he brings to life the suffering and endurance of the Continental soldiers during the harsh winter of 1779-80.

The film runs for 11 minutes and is designed also to be shown in separate segments for each site. Each section of approximately two minutes each, can be shown on social media separately.

The film producers, Ms. Rosa and Ms. Strasser, have produced a superb addition to American history and joined WANJ and MNHP in a successful, cooperative effort between Morristown High School and the greater Morristown area.

Washington Association is also unveiling its new award, the G. Washington Prize for Creative Excellence, which they will present to the Ms. Rosa and Ms. Strasser, the Morristown High School film producers.

The G. Washington Prize for Creative Excellence is to be presented to an individual, or individuals, who have created an outstanding product of distinguished artistic or literary merit and which presents an accurate view of American history and focuses on the integrity and leadership of General George Washington and or the courage and endurance of the Continental soldiers, the story of Morristown and New Jersey in the American Revolutionary War, the securing of independence and individual liberties and the founding of our new nation.

WANJ and MNHP invite the public to attend the presentations and to join the applause for this new film, and film producers, Ms. Rosa and Ms. Strasser, and for the presentation of the first G. Washington Prize for creative Excellence on Saturday, Sept. 15 at 10:30-Noon at the Great Hall, Washington’s Headquarters Museum, MNHP. Space is limited so please RSVP to WANJ at 973-292-1874 or here.

About the Washington Association:

WANJ is partner to Morristown National Historical Park at Washington’s Headquarters in Morristown and supports the park’s projects and programs. Currently design work for a new gallery, the Discover History Center, is underway. This new gallery will offer engaging and educational exhibits for children, students and all visitors. The gallery tells the story of the vital role of General George Washington as a leader and Commander of the Continental Army, and of Morristown and New Jersey in the American Revolution and in the winning of independence and freedom for Americans. For further information please contact the WANJ office at 973-292-1874 or via email.

About the Morristown National Historical Park:

Morristown National Historical Park preserves, protects, and commemorates the landscapes, structures, features, and museum collections of the Continental Army winter encampments, the headquarters of General George Washington, and related Revolutionary War sites at Morristown, New Jersey for the benefit and inspiration of the public. Morristown NHP also represents a continuum of our nation’s efforts to protect our common heritage: as the very first “national historical park”, the park was also established to commemorate, preserve, and memorialize American history and heritage. For more information about Morristown NHP, please call 973-539-2016 ext. 210 or visit our website at www.nps.gov/morr.

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