Letter to the editor: Join climate rally in Morristown, Sept. 8

climate rally poster


You’re invited!  On Sept. 8, 2018, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Morristown Town Hall, in coordination with a national movement holding events around the country, the steering committee of the Morristown People’s Climate Movement rally cordially invite you to stand up and speak out for climate action, jobs and justice with us!   

The national climate movement is gaining momentum and in few places more visibly than our own New Jersey! 

With the election of Governor Murphy and a bold new agenda moving us forward on offshore wind; with the science that says our coastal conditions are ideal for wind turbines; with new legislation setting an agenda to move toward clean power; with the recent celebration of our 90,000th solar project installation and initiatives at work promising more to come, New Jersey is uniquely positioned to lead – and at a critical time. 

Our choices over the next few years will shape the living conditions for generations to come.  

Stand up with us on Sept. 8 for the work that still needs to be done!  Stand against federal deregulation and offshore drilling off U.S. coastlines including ours!  Stand up against prioritizing corporate fossil fuel donors and lobbyists over public health! Stand up to demand climate action because wildfires, increasingly intense storms and expensive flooding damage each summer showing us climate change is already here (Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria alone cost $270 billion in 2017).   

Stand up because we want 30,000 new jobs for New Jersey.  Stand up because New Jersey wants to breathe cleaner air!  Stand up because the economic gains of renewable energy procurement prove time and again that acting on climate is not only responsible but economically beneficial.  

Now is the time to rise up and demand that our elected officials across the aisle, nationally and locally, address climate change and work to reduce our carbon footprint!

Join us!  Our rally will be followed by a festival including music, an open mic and more. Meet us Sept. 8 at 200 South St., Morristown!  Click here for the Facebook event post, and share with friends! 

Christine Clarke
Jefferson Township
Event spokesperson

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