Webber, Sherrill spar over Morristown rally

Special election is today, Oct. 16, for NJ senator


Labor Day is weeks away, but the fall election season is on in the 11th Congressional District.

State Assemblyman Jay Webber (Republican-26th Dist.) and Democrat Mikie Sherrill, who are vying for the seat  of retiring Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen (R-11th Dist.), trade jabs in this piece on NJTV.

With Morris County Sheriff James Gannon by his side, Webber charges that Sherrill called for an end to ICE–U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement–at a recent immigration rally. 

Sherrill says that’s nonsense, explaining she called for an end to separating immigrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. She rapped Webber’s tax policies.

Here’s the NJTV clip, followed by our video of Sherrill at the June rally in Morristown that Webber appears to be citing.


Morristown rally June 22, 2018. Video by Bill Lescohier for MorristownGreen.com


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  1. Will someone please tell me what platform Sherrill is running on? I haven’t been able to see anything in the paper or news.

  2. No she does not live outside the district. If you have an actual policy comment to make about a former fighter pilot who gave 10 years of her life to the military, a former federal prosecutor and a mother of 4 – I would love to hear it.

  3. ICE was created in 2003. It’s been pulling rejects (literally, like people that failed physical and mental health screening) from other LE for some time now. Any good Tea Party Republican, Libertarian, or Freedom-Loving Republican should recognize that like the TSA, a new federal police force with broad powers to detain and interrogate is not very American.

    Why Webber or Sherrill should claim getting rid of and/or reforming ICE from the ground-up is a bad idea is beyond me…