From globe trotter to global IT professional


A world traveler of more than 25 countries, Manish Shashi,’18, was born and raised in India and chose to attend the College of Saint Elizabeth because of the College’s long-standing reputation.

Despite already having earned a graduate degree in India, Shashi wanted a master’s degree in management from the U.S. because of his extensive business involvements in the states.

Currently, Shashi works for Pfizer Animal Health, now known as Zoetis, Inc., which is the largest animal health company with a global presence. He leads their global information technology supply chain manufacturing and interacts with both internal and external stakeholders.

“I always feel that the decisions which we make during the course of time may affect the lives of so many around us,” says Shashi, who is deeply involved in his community. In addition to coaching youth soccer, Shashi also teaches English grammar to students learning it as a second language.

Shashi credits CSE for bettering his real-world experience and enhancing his practical skill set. “I need to stay informed and equipped with the best possible, up-to-date information and CSE has given me that tool.”

He also says CSE offers him unique networking opportunities with his fellow classmates.

“CSE has been a phenomenal experience for me in terms of shaping my knowledge.”

CSE’s Master of Science in Management is part of the College’s ED CHOICE program. ED CHOICE is a program, unique to the College of Saint Elizabeth, that allows students to choose whether to attend class on campus or complete coursework online depending on their individual schedules.

Learn more about the management program here:

Learn more about ED CHOICE here:

Mary Colleen Robinson has a communication degree with a concentration in journalism and is currently working as the PR/Social Media Specialist at the College of Saint Elizabeth. 

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