Can character get your kid into Harvard? Ask the expert, May 1 at Morristown High

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From the Morris Educational Foundation

An Evening With Trisha Ross Anderson of Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Project

Tuesday, May 1 @ 7 pm
Morristown High School Auditorium
Today’s achieve-at-all-costs pressure starts young… and may come with a cost.  Almost 80 percent of students in a Making Caring Common national survey chose personal achievement and happiness as being more important than caring for others. 

Trisha will share the results of this research, discuss the implications and suggest strategies to help parents raise caring, empathetic and ethical children.
This program will address issues impacting children of ALL ages.
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Immediately following Trisha’s presentation, please join the discussion with our specially selected panel:
Does Character Count in College Admissions?
Trisha R. Anderson
Harvard University
Senior Program Manager
Making Caring Common
Dr. Robert Massa
Drew University
Enrollment & Institutional Planning
Co-Director, Institute on Character & Admission
Dr. Jennifer Giordano
Director, MHS Guidance
Two Morristown High School Seniors
Both will share their first-hand experiences.
Making Caring Common is working to prioritize character strengths in college admissions by:

  • Reducing excessive achievement pressure
  • Promoting intellectual & ethical engagement
  • Increasing equity & access for all students
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