You know the drill: Free garage parking for Morristown residents during spring storm

morristown parking map
A map of Morristown Parking Authority garages.

 UPDATED, 3 pm, March 20:

You know the drill: Morristown residents can park free in several downtown garages to wait out the coming snowstorm.

The Morristown Parking Authority says residents who park on-street and/or have on-street parking permits can park at no charge from 8 pm on Tuesday, March 20, through 8 am 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 22, 2018, at these venues:

  • HEADQUARTER’S PLAZA GARAGE (MOST SPOTS AVAILABLE)-SPECIAL NOTE: You WILL be charged the full fee if you remove your vehicle between 11pm – 8am, as there is no parking attendant on duty. Please plan on using this facility if you expect to remove your vehicle after 8 am on Thursday, 3/22/2018.
  • DALTON GARAGE at Cattano Avenue

For fees to be waived, you will need to show your driver’s license as proof of residency.  Fees may be charged if you overstay, or if you are a non-resident.


morristown parking map
A map of Morristown Parking Authority garages.
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  1. The free parking is close to useless for us. Parking was full everywhere at 8pm last night (we get charged if we bring it in a minute earlier as I learned from previous storm) except for headquarters plaza. We have to remove cars by 10am, it is supposed to snow overnight here, and we are supposed to get to the garage and take our cars out before roads are cleared and still dangerous?

    Mayor Dougherty, if you are going to offer free parking, at least give us enough time to pick up cars AFTER the storm and AFTER road(and parking/street parking) areas are cleared. Last storm my car was nearly stuck on Mills street heading back to the house, with no area to park car (as sides were not even cleared).