Firefighters knock down office fire during evening rush near the Morristown Green

Those bright lights are emergency vehicles outside the 1776 building. Photo by Pamela Babcock
Those bright lights are emergency vehicles outside the 1776 building. Photo by Pamela Babcock


(UPDATE: This version adds information about the fire and a crash on Route 287.)

People were evacuated from the 1776 building, across from the Morristown Green, on a busy Wednesday evening for local firefighters, who extinguished a fire in a heating/air conditioning unit on the vacant third floor and also responded to a multi-vehicle crash on Route 287.

No injuries were reported at the building.

“All the employees got out before we got there,” said Morristown Fire Chief Robert Flanagan.  The smoky electrical blaze was called in at 5:24 pm. Firefighters wearing respirators extinguished the fire using dry chemicals, the Chief said.

Around the same time, a five-vehicle collision was reported near exit 35 on southbound Route 287, Flanagan said. Off-duty- and volunteer firefighters were dispatched, and neighboring Morris Township sent an engine, he said.

The accident did not result in any serious injuries, according to the State Police in Netcong. Further details were not immediately available.

Morristown firefighters were assisted at the 1776 fire by Madison’s Rapid Intervention Crew and by the Morris Township and Morris Plains fire departments, Flanagan said.

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  1. Dont drink and post “Jeff”. The State Police update is in reference to the accident on 287, not the fire , if you actually read the article…. rather then skim and jump at making dept. resource zingers…which is sooo faux pas for an employee..

  2. The state police get involved with something like this? Also, it’s kind of strange the Morristown doesn’t have enough firefighting resources and must rely on neighboring communities.