WATCH: Mendham Township deputy mayor resigns amid backlash over post comparing immigrants to raccoons

Mendham Township Hall
Mendham Township Hall

Mendham Township Deputy Mayor Rick Blood resigned late Monday night after igniting a firestorm with his Facebook post comparing undocumented immigrants to raccoons in a basement and lauding President Trump as the exterminator. Blood’s resignation was announced to applause at the end of a three-hour Township Committee meeting. He was rebuked by about 30 speakers during…

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  1. Cheers for the people who stood up to Blood and others who now feel they have a license to degrade immigrants and people of color.

    Unfortunately, voters backed a candidate for president who assured them that they will never have to share this country with people of color as equals. The result is we have a president who embodies the rage they feel toward those they hate and fear, while reassuring them that that rage is nothing to be ashamed of.

    We must resist.


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