Victor the Hopping Vulture gets by in Morris Plains, with a little help from his helpers

Close up of Victor
Beth Kujan

Central Park of Morris County is home to a flightless bird — Victor the Vulture.

Though he seems to have had some injury in the past, Victor gets around by hopping.  Including into trees.

Vultures are a protected species and they serve an important ecological purpose.  Victor though, has limited opportunity to spy for carrion.

Fortunately, he has two benefactors from the County offices on the grounds of the old Greystone Park State Psychiatric Hospital.

They collect dead squirrels by the side of the road and deliver them.  I’ve been known to drop off a mouse gifted to me by our cat.  So Victor gets by.

Enjoy the photos of this magnificent bird.

Victor hanging out on a compressor
Victor hops onto the lawn as we approach
Victor has hopped onto a low branch
Hopping to an upper branch
Victor settles on his branch; watching for carrion delivery
The other flightless bird in Morris Plains
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